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 How to improve your online advocacy program?

How to improve your online advocacy program?

In the real world, everyday people advocate for many causes of communities in order to improve the lifestyle of people. This support can be extended either in form of words or in action and this particularly becomes a success aid for any organization. The advent of internet has widened the reach and the audience so that more people from many more places support for worthy causes. This is called as online advocacy and it gains more support than normal advocacy programs.
When it comes to online advocacy programs for brands, brands which cannot be entrusted need to develop advocacy programs so as to influence the market. Here are a few tip to improve your online advocacy program.

Don’t rush: Do not rush to create a program. Have a clear-cut plan slated and execute and build on the plan to move forward faster and easier.
Get prepared: It is true that you cannot love unless and until you love yourself. If you are new company venturing into the market, it is better to move with slow pace. Discussing about what is happening in the marketplace at your doorstep would need a lot of patience and stability.
Replace your dumb advocates with smart and credible ones: Advocates you are going to hire need to be reliable ones with expertise in the market. They should have a sieve to talk about your company on the open after knowing what it is all about. It is preferable to take lawyers who are already familiar with your brand. You can show your accolades for them by offering them a badge on their blogs and showing them that they are significantly important. Remember that any mention about your brand must include a disclaimer.
Make them comfy: Advocates are like artists and they need to feel comfortable with your brand. Unless and until they are comfy about your brand, they might head up to negative effects. Give them freedom to speak but make sure that they discuss what they are going to talk about with the legal team in-house.
Leave it to them (at times): Remember, no one trusts, it’s customers that people trust. So let them speak. Show the world that they are your enterprise members or something similar to build credibility. Ask them to tell others as well.
Take in negative: Yes it is good to know the negative things about your brand, product or service. Your development team can take inputs and build on these factors instead of pouring out dollars on innovation.
Bridge the gap: Provide communication with them to develop and online community or email list especially for them to discus. You can also increase their significance by giving them space to voice out their insights.
Measure success: Based on these aspects you can measure the success in terms of influence. So the more the influence, the more the touch points, the more the impact. Along with these, word of the mouth, WOM in short, is another way of increasing the influence to greater levels.
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