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 How to Get Attention to Posts on FB for Dummies Pocket Version!

How to Get Attention to Posts on FB for Dummies Pocket Version!

I have come across several Facebook Fan pages desperate to get as many ‘Likes’ as much to get them noticed. People struggle to find the right post that might reward them back with the thumbs up of their fans. So I thought this might make some sense for all those ‘Like-Lover’s. buckle up cos this is gonna be a bumpy and tricky ride!

This is the Engagement Era! Marketers, Bye Bye!!

Quite a few have understood the difference between marketing and engaging. Well, if you are sailing in the same old boat with the same old sails, it’s time to switch sail, matey! No one is patient enough to hear your blah blah blah about yourself and whatever you have accomplished monotonously. Gone are the days there were patient listeners! So to get noticed, you got to get yourself to mingle with the crowd! Post Wall posts that makes people to talk about it. Like discussing something that’s a hot news or asking opinions about your brand or even asking your fans to suggest a brand name for a product! That will get the post noticed and will move through walls of your fans!

‘Friends applaud, the comedy is over’

That was a good one by the music genius Beethoven. Serious posts don’t always get the attention they deserve. Once in a while post something that will tickle a nerve, be it a video or even just a gag. People love to laugh! And sure they will be courteous enough to click the ‘Like’ button for which made them laugh.

Getting the content is not an issue. You can always google for pretty good jokes or fun stories. But remember, giving credit to the content’s actual proprietor doesn’t hurt either!

If it matters, it produces controversy.

And controversies create commotion. This is the new trick! Be whatever theme you choose to discuss, there will be two factions. Those who affirm and the ones who negate! Now you know what to do.

If you are having the ‘Whaaaaaat?? I don’t get it yet!’ look, then just find something that is controversial and post it on your wall followed by, ‘Let’s have a game! Comment ‘A’ if you are favouring and ‘B’… blah blah blah…’ That should do the trick!

Oh, and don’t forget to Like a few of the comments which you get (don’t over- do it too!) and add, ‘Good one, XXX’, ‘Superb’ and similar other candy comments for your fans’ replies!! Hope that helps!!

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