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 How to do effective social media listening for your brand?

How to do effective social media listening for your brand?

As per the current market scenario, intelligence is in high demand, especially social media intelligence. Brands are considering social media monitoring as an important source of insights for their overall marketing and branding strategy. But there are very few guidelines on how to carry out such operations effectively. Here we will try to give specific examples on how to start and effectively leverage your social media monitoring program.
If you get your Keywords strategy right then you have done 80% of your work.
Keywords are the most important aspect of any social media monitoring activities. What you want to achieve is defined by the set of keywords. If you want to simply know what people are talking about then a simple “BRAND NAME” will do the job. But if your brand name matches with any other common keywords, than you need to create a keyword map which will help you distinguish between BRAND conversation and common conversation.
For example, a keyword “Hero”, is going to bring every kind of conversation. But we want conversations only related to “Hero” Brand. There are many ways to tackle this problem, remember that at the heart of social media monitoring lies the quality of your data.
A general keyword map of the conversation will help you identify which are other associated keywords common with the conversation and then group them into BRAND ASSOCIATED KEYWORDS and BRAND UNASSOCIATED KEYWORDS.
Simplify360 provides a word cloud and also data download facility that allows you to understand the conversation and create your keyword bucket list.
Preliminary analysis shows that keywords such as “rdm” is related to Chelse sportsman. Hence this keywords will go to our BRAND UNASSOCIATED KEYWORDS. This list will be put into negative filters of Simplify360 to get a relevant conversations.

Similarly, you can have ASSOCIATED KEYWORDS list added to the system to improve your result. ASSOCIATED KEYWORDS list improves the data quality but usually cuts down your volume. Hence it’s a game of balance.
In addition to the keywords combination, langauge and region can also be a good way to filter down your conversation. Hence once you have you keywords research done and thoroughly understood, you can now move on to aggressive data collection and analysis.