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 How to create social media policy for your brand?

How to create social media policy for your brand?

Before we delve into the “How” of the matter, we must find out why “Brand Building” is such an imperative prerequisite for a brand’s popularity these days.

It is said that unlike products, a Brand means quality, integrity and an experience of a lifetime for its customers. A product has a shelf life whereas Brands outlive them. Brands are colossal.

Now, why do Brands hold such a prominence today?  The reasons are – Everyone we speak to is online today; specially the growing middle class in the ‘supposedly’ third world countries like India, China , South Africa ,etc. These people are definitely brand conscious and do not hesitate to splurge on premium brands. So, to survive, a brand has to have an extraordinary advertising and an unusual creativity to attract potential buyers, who know so well what they need.

Social Media means so much to us that in the Olympics that just went by, the International Olympic Committee issued a guideline to its participants. In fact a social media ban was imposed on two Australian athletes for posting objectionable pictures in their tweets.  So we can say with conviction that Social Media rules the roost. Anything that does not feel right can go viral in a matter of an hour leading to a horrible time for the PR agencies.

For a social media policy to work for a company, this is what one can do to build an efficient team of employees:

  • Finding the pivotal Contact: Employees, who write Blogs or posts on Twitter for a company, should be aware of the person needed to answer queries or resolve the various problems that come up in the course of time. This person should be available at all times and hence should be easily accessible. He /she could be the point of contact for any problem of any kind arising within the company.
  • Prerequisite for Content Development: People working fora company’s Social media policy should be categorically told what content they cannot post on the internet about the company. The Do’s and the Don’ts should be clearly defined to avoid any confusion.
  • Complaisance: To ensure that a Company’s employees participate in its social media policy, it has to show compliance and flexibility towards them so that they voice their opinions and share the positive experiences that they had with the company. Make sure that they are aware of the company’s guidelines and post contents that enhance the brand’s image.
  • Supervising:  Employees must be told that there could be flexibility in their participation within the company guidelines but it would be overseen to ensure that they abide by those guidelines. This act will ensure honesty and responsibility among them.

So go right ahead and start your venture. Be positive and sincere in your efforts. Be technically sound and feel your customer’s vibe. You will never go wrong.

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