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 How to attract customers with Twitter

How to attract customers with Twitter

Getting more traffic using Twitter is one of the best things you can do to increase your web traffic this New Year. If you are a keen marketer who is fervently using twitter to drive more traffic to your website, well here are a few tips you would need to read.

Tweet Consistently:
Well the first and the foremost thing that you should be aware while using twitter is that there are millions of tweets tweeted every minute and if you want to conquer the twitter territory, you need to tweet regularly to reach your audience. Have a plan and tweet according to the schedule. To start with, one tweet for four hours would do well.
Timely Tweets:
Asses your target audience and get to know at what time they are likely to use twitter and tweet in that time, so that your tweets appear in the top pages when they search for a specific keyword/hashtag. Whenever there is an occasion for example New Year, seize the moment and tweet something about it. You can also tweet about the major events, conferences in your industry.
Engaging Tweets:
Have engaging tweets like feedbacks or customer survey to divert them to your website. There are two ways of doing it. You can ask them either to tweet their feedback on twitter or drive them to your website so that they can give their feedbacks. Engaging content can help in building stronger relationships with customers.
Tweet Resources:
If you have resources on your website, tweet about the articles, white papers, eBooks, infographics, process charts, etc. even blog posts on twitter and using a bitly link, that saves space, divert customers and prospects to your website.
Hurry-up Deal Tweets:
Create compelling deals which are time-constrained. Tweet regularly about the number of hours left for the deals. eCommerce sites use this technique to grab in a lot of attention and it does pay off well. You can achieve great niche traffic to your website through these deals.
Picture Back Links:
Do you remember Obama’s picture hugging US’s first lady, Michelle, after winning a second-term as the US president? It was viewed by millions of users. So posting unique and amazing pictures on twitter will grab a lot of attention without fail. But you need to be creative enough to post something which your audience would love to click on. Giving back links to these pictures, can safely make the customers land on your website or landing pages.
Tweet to Twitter Groups:
Are you aware of twitter groups? There are people who join groups on twitter. If the group’s name is mentioned in your tweet, the tweet is said to go as a mention to all the people in the group. By doing so, you can reach out to niche audience best suitable to your brand.
These are just a few ways to attract customers using twitter. If you are checking out for more tips, stay tuned to our blog to know more.

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