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 How can Small Retailers use Social Media?

How can Small Retailers use Social Media?

Small scale retailers have a special advantage that helps them in social media. They are flexible and can be more personal. Their implementation is faster. Bigger companies lack this because of their size and other administrative problems that they have because of their size. But they have their own forte where they excel and smaller companies fall short.

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Here are a few tricks of the trade that small retailers can learn from big businesses.


  • From day one it is essential for a marketer to keep his goal in mind. What does he want to achieve for his company. It is useless to spend time and money on business if your social media activities are not being guided by your business goals. Therefore organizing your daily activities keeping those goals in mind is what gives way to effective short term social media tactics. So it is of utmost importance to know why you are using twitter for your business before you start updating it. Social media can help your business by increasing awareness of your brand by increasing your visibility; building a bank of loyal customers by providing support and engaging more with them; increasing sales by getting more people to buy your product and building rapport with your customers so that they buy more of your product. Now one goal out of the three should be picked and acted upon. It’s essential to prioritize your tactics before acting on it.


  • There has to be an effective content for online marketing. If you are into social media, you have to learn to create a content that is excellent. Every time you  publish an update or email newsletter or a blog post, you are creating content. Therefore if you wish to succeed in online marketing you need to be able to write valuable content.  The traffic generating strategy like SEO and social media will optimize your content and give your brand visibility.


  • Instead of creating content around you or your product, understand by what your audience is getting motivated. To come closer to them understand your customers and their needs. Base your content around the benefits your product will provide them. This way it will be more about them and less about you. This is what people want.


  • Use ways to connect to your audience. It is crucial to engage your customers so that they trust you more and are loyal to your brand. This can be done by understanding what they want and by using marketing strategies to deliver what you have promised to your customers.


  • Let others share what you are saying. When bloggers and other active participants share your content with their audiences they generate web traffic by referrals and links that would be next to impossible for you to do on your own. This sensible move can get traffic to your website and build trust among people.


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