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 How are Brands Getting Consumers’ Attention on Social Media?

How are Brands Getting Consumers’ Attention on Social Media?

In this fast pacing world, every marketer knows the importance of Social Media and how much missing on it would cost up to. Marketing has become consumer-centric and quite obviously, marketers are spending time, money and resources to grab attention from consumers and maintain lasting relationships with them.
However, consumers are most volatile (may be even more than mercury). So getting their attention and making them buy from your brand can be a herculean task. For marketers to win over this challenge, they would need seamless ways to interact with consumers and build trust on business/brand. Marketers need to conduct research to know what works for audience in their unique industry verticals. Winning or losing customers, depends on the relevancy of marketers and their ability to provide through their marketing tactics.

Here are four tips how marketers can turn their sails to jive up their marketing:
Beating the social media chance:
Social media, the most used media channel in the world to get connected with family, friends, colleagues, etc. However, marketers need to venture into social media without interfering their privacy, which is tough. Relevancy does not mean going up to a personal level. With information about consumers available on the social networks, marketeers can get to know the consumer preferences quite clearly. However, crafting messages based on too personal information can put the marketers into a fix. So, social media marketing strategies should be dynamic and marketers should update it based on the marketing trends. In-house marketing teams should come up with strategies using which the brand can stay in touch with consumers, partners, resellers and everyone associated with the brand.
Equip engagement in social media:
Marketers should stop looking at numbers, but look at the amount of conversations happening on the social media networks. With the fact that people are relying on social media like never before for news, updates and any other information, marketers can cash on this element. Social networks that allow users to integrate their accounts with their preferences are the best in class networks now. Marketers should be able to incorporate marketing tactics that can keep users engaged and also allure them to come back to the site. Based on the consumers’ experience, social network profiles can be updated.
Side-step data barriers in the organization:
It is a well-known concept that any information about the consumers is not accessible by the employees in the lower levels of the company. However, if you want your brand to succeed, employees should be provided with relevant information that can help them to plan and execute social media strategies smartly and quickly.
Check out your marketing actions:
Consumers are no more sticking to a particular brand. All they want is quality products/services which can reach them in jet speed and suffice their requirements. If your product/service does not abide to any of these, you have 100% chances of losing a consumer may be even a customer who was with your brand for years. So, it is the marketing officer’s call to take action to solve issues and keep consumers and customers in the pipeline.
Social network is the best place to get millions of consumers for your business. All you have to do is create relevant marketing strategies that make them stick to your brand and develop your business!

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