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 How active are CXOs on Twitter?

How active are CXOs on Twitter?

How are CXOs using Twitter? And how active are they? Simplify360 has gone deep into the Tweets to find the answer and see what opportunities they represents.

For the research, Simplify360 was used to track 24 random Twitter profiles from a relevant pool of active Twitter Profiles. A timeline of 15 days between July 10th 2012 and July 24th 2012 was chosen for the data collection process.

Upon the data analysis, there were interesting findings. For example, it turns out that CXOs are most active on Tuesday evening. They are very amiable and respond to most Tweeples on daily basis. They usually share tweets with links which means news and important information.  Other interesting fact was that beside sharing links and RTweeting, they mostly share inspirational quotes.

There are more interesting findings and data on the CXO’s activities on Twitter.

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