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 What Happened When India Gave it Back

What Happened When India Gave it Back

A game well played is probably one that can make people emotional. Considering that, India vs Australia is probably the only game which aroused billions of sentiments in just a matter of few hours. Since the conception of cricket, it has always been played as one of those light-hearted and friendly games, which do not include pushing, pulling, beating or the sort. However, it has also been seen that with games which stand as benchmarks for fans, have resulted in harsh and unexpected reactions as well.
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Yesterday’s India vs Australia semi finals seem to have done the same. While a nation worth 1.2 billion sat in front of their TV screens, carrying their hearts on their sleeves, a team of 11 tried o battle it out on the field, on the nation’s behalf. Winning and losing has been a part of every game from the time the first game was invented, but the reactions this loss for India generated was humongous.
We calculated the reactions by people from all over the world, expressed on social media and the results we received left us stunned. Being an Indian, an overflow of sentiment at our team’s loss was pretty obvious! Yet, when we look at what the rest of the world of doing, and what trends were created during the match, we found the following results.
1. #INDvsAUS Received the Maximum Mentions During the Past 1 Day
While there were a number of other hashtags which were trending throughout the day, #IndvsAus received the maximum attention, considering it was the main hashtag trending as a representation for the game. #Won’tGiveItBack #IndiaJeetega, #BleedBlue, #SemiFinal, #ChaloWinItBack and #DaretobeDhoni were among the other hashtags which were trending simultaneously.
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2. Maximum buzz was generated between 11 AM and 12 PM
It is hard to decide which part of the game was more interesting considering it was such an enticing one. The first half of the match, when Australia was batting generated the highest buzz. This did not reciprocate in a similar way while India started to bat, which might be a result of their fast falling wickets. By the time Dhoni lost his wicket, most people had already given up on India’s win.
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3. 70% of Buzz around the match came from INDIA
Cricket being one of the most famous games among most nations, the reactions towards the semi finals came from places scattered all over the globe. It was interesting how the second position in buzz generation was bagged by USA, a country which was not a part of the world cup and is also not generally associated with the game. In India as well, the response rate stayed distributed, however, the maximum buzz was seen to be flowing from Maharashtra, NCR and Karnataka.
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4. The Gender Which Spoke More
All social media platforms taken into consideration twitter is the one which received the maximum buzz. Almost 90% of the conversations were happening on Twitter, which is substantially high when compared to Facebook and other social media platforms.
It was also interesting to see that the conversations were distributed between both the genders. This being said, males generated more conversations i.e. 82. 64% and the female conversations stayed limited to 17.36%.