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 Growth Focused Budget Leaves Middle Class Angry

Growth Focused Budget Leaves Middle Class Angry

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The union budget is probably the only thing that each and every person of a country looks forward to, be it someone from the upper class, lower class or the middle class “aam aadmi”. In most cases, the budget is defined keeping in mind the needs and requirements of every section of the society. However, this year the budget outcome did not seem to please the men from the middle class much and saw a number of questions raised against it.
This year the focal point shifted to creating a budget which is more growth centric. This lead rise of numerous, discussions both on the offline and the online space. What was interesting to note, were the various topics that trended and acquired maximum discussion. While the offline discussion might not be easy to measure, the social media platforms sure had a lot of information to dispense.
Most Trending Topics
Among some of the highly discussed topics, two topics drew maximum attention i.e. growth focused budget and conversations around middle class. Among the other highly discussed topics were taxation, education, infrastructure, law and more. These topics trended the most on social media channel, Twitter, both with positive and negative connotation.
If the entire budget discussions had to be put into a word cloud, this is how it would look.
Positively Trending Topics
The excitement seemed to increase around a number of topics and the results were astounding. Social media discussions aroused enormously around topics such as replace wealth tax with additional 2% surcharge on super rich, growth focused budget, new educational institutions, middle class and more. Twitter also saw the trend of 5 bigger topics, namely taxation, education, infrastructure, insurance and banking.
If the positive budget discussions had to be put into a word cloud, this is how it would look.
Negatively Trending Topics
While a number of topics were seen in the brighter light, there were a few topics which also received the darker welcome. Some of the decisions which were not accepted well include, service tax increase, anti middle class, new educational institutions, increase in fuel prices and more.
If the negative budget discussions had to be put into a word cloud, this is how it would look.
The reactions to various issues showed variations from different groups of people. While we measured the sentiments of different groups of people towards the union budget this is what it displayed.
What Interested Which Age Group
The interests shown by different age groups varied accordingly. While the younger generation stayed concerned about jobs and better educational facilities, the older age group seemed to be more worried about taxation, insurance, prices of fuel and the like.
Twitter Performs Best
Although the discussions were seen to be trending on various platforms, it was twitter which received the maximum acceptance. This was followed by Facebook, blogs and Google+ respectively.
If you wish to know more about the various trends displayed by the union budget view the complete report put together by CRISIL and Simplify360. View the complete deck here: