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 Highlights of Google I/O 2013 Conference

Highlights of Google I/O 2013 Conference

The New Look of Google+

“Technology should do the hard work so that people can get on with doing the things they like in life.”
Google’s CEO Larry page said on the first day of Google I/O Developer Conference 2013, reflecting onto the technological leaps the search giant has taken so far.
Google I/O developer conference focused on the tools for the audience of about 6,000 engineers and entrepreneurs who develop applications and other features that can make smart phones and tablets more appealing.
Google +, Android, Google Maps were the key focus areas of the annual event.
The new look of Google+ looks so promising and the launch of Hangout standalone app is a step which would have irked somebody sitting in Palo Alto.
Highlights of Google I/O 2013 Conference
Google Play Music, All Access
This entails a user’s music library with a wide array of songs the company has licensed, explained Chris Yerga, engineering director at Google.
“It allows you to explore millions of songs across devices, effortlessly. Radio without rules,” he told the crowd. The service costs $9.99 per month and launches today in the U.S., he said.
Special Day for Samsung Galaxy S4
Google also announced a customized version of Samsung Galaxy S4 which would be having Google’s own android version, not the one from Samsung. It would be available in all Google Stores from 26th June for $649. Also, this version won’t be having the apps which come preloaded with the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Google Maps get a Makeover
Google Maps for Android and iOS phones are about to get a wonderful makeover, giving them a better look and feel announced the search giant.  According to Google Mapper Bernard Seefeld, it will be a “A map built for you,” more customized, much easier to use.
Google+ braces for a battle with Facebook
“Today we’re introducing 41 new features across Google+,” explained Vic Gundotra, senior vice president, engineering for Google. Now it will be having a multicolumn design instead of the current single column design.
Also, Google+ is set to revolutionize the way people share photos. The search giant explained that if a user uploads a bunch of photos, then the system will automatically reject those photos which are blurry and those which don’t have people smiling in it.
The search giant also claimed to revamp photos which doesn’t look right, a task which is primarily depends on Adobe Photoshop. They have named this software as “AWESOME”.
Google launched Hangout as a standalone App
Google has now decided to push Hangouts as a standalone service, straight away challenging Facebook Chat heads!
A special IDE for Android Developers – Android Studio
Android Studio will be an integrated developer environment, to replace Eclipse. Also, there would be cloud messaging integration into the platform making it faster and productive for developers.

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