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 Football Fans Alert: The El Classico Countdown Begins

Football Fans Alert: The El Classico Countdown Begins

If you are one of those die hard football fans, the excitement about the famous El Clasico must have already built up. Interestingly the match is happening in Barcelona, so the clubs fans sure have an upper hand in the audience criteria. However, its football and nothing is predictable.
We conducted a social media analysis of the teams as well as the most searched players, i.e. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Some interesting both expected and unexpected results came up. Take a view at the same and we are sure you would be amazed who wins the match on social media.
The Facebook fan count for Real Madrid stands at a huge 82.8 million, yet they lose the bet against their rivals FC Barcelona’s 83.5 million. This does not reciprocate similarly on Twitter, considering the difference in the number of followers is huge and Barcelona leads the score here as well.
When we compared the two representative players for the respective teams, we observed a stark difference when compared to that of the teams combined results. Ronaldo steals the charm with an enormous fan score of 106.8 million vs. 78.1 million of Lionel Messi. In terms of mentions, Lionel Messi wins the bet with an approximate 3.2 million in the last 30 days.
Here’s a detailed picture of the comparison:

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