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 Five Intelligent Uses of Social Media for Customer Service

Five Intelligent Uses of Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media is the most in-thing in today’s date and just like any individual registering on Facebook or Twitter, there are companies and firms constantly registering on social media as well. So, what happens to these registered profiles? People look at them, give a few likes here and there and the job is done? If that is what you predict the future of company profiles on social media channels as, you are completely mistaken.
Social media provides huge potential to extract humungous amount of data about various factors which might be of high priority for the company. To name a few, social media presence helps in, customer profiling, competitor performance measurement, brand visibility and the like. Here’s a list of 5 things which social media presence and its consistent monitoring can help you better your client servicing.
1. Build the Bridge
There is an obvious gap between the company and its customers, especially start ups. These companies are desperate to break the ice between the two. Social media can help do this with the least amount of effort. Most company owners/founders already have a social media profile for themselves. It becomes easy to ask your friends to like your company profile, which leads to their friends noticing your company profile and the chain keeps elongating. With this reaching your target audience becomes simpler and cost effective as well.
2. Share the Information
What’s the point in owning a blog, putting up amazing content on it and having no one to actually read it? In fact blogs are sometimes the most important destinations for sharing information, considering it allows more space and also serves as a more authentic space. Whether it is product descriptions or shareable information, it requires exposure so it goes viral. Social Media can help popularize those blogs and disseminate information with ease, by sharing it on your social media channels, which allows more visibility and shareability as well.
3. Engage. Respond. Monitor.
What’s the point in putting out content which is not engaging enough? It is only when people read, appreciate, criticize, share and discuss your content, is it of ant value! This generally happens through comments and messages on social media. Keeping this in mind, the companies should also make sure to respond to those messages on a timely basis to not let the customers feel left out or ignored.
Another important aspect is to monitor the kind of comments/ queries/questions posted by the customers. This helps in understanding the sentiment your brand is drawing through these channels, and lets you design your content strategy accordingly.
4. Beat Your Competitor
Your competitors are constantly trying to outperform you, so why are you lagging behind? Keeping track of what they are doing is pretty easy! All you need to know is what activities are they performing on social media, i.e. what kind of content they are posting, how are people responding on their posts, what time are the customers responding most and which form of content is working best. This not just helps in understanding their content strategy but also helps in designing better content.
5. Remove Negativity
If our customers are talking negative about your brand, what better way to cure it than to take care of their problems online? It not just helps in increasing brand transparency but also makes your customers more confident about choosing your brand. This also reduces negativity about your brand, as you answer to people’s problems promptly and on a timely basis.

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