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 Fast and Furious 7 Gets Applauded on Social Media

Fast and Furious 7 Gets Applauded on Social Media

Paul Walker, one of the late famous actors from the Hollywood industry has been rightly paid tribute to with his final movie “Fast and Furious 7” receiving a huge applause, at the theaters as well as on social media. The movie has made it huge at the box-office and the emotional angle that the movie presents in the end, hits the final nail! Twitter, has become the next biggest home to this amazing movie and has received great appreciation from people all over the world. While most of the conversations stayed neutral, there was barely any negative sentiment towards the film.
With Paul Walkers sudden demise, people are also getting highly emotional about the movie. This in fact is also be a reason why people are talking about the movie, considering he was one of the most important characters from the film. With amazing promotional videos and trailers setting the background for the movie, this one has surely made it big.
Here’s a look at how the movie was received on social media:
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