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Facebook Search Added as a Source in Brand Monitoring

 Facebook Search Added as a Source in Brand Monitoring

In our endeavor to let you have total control of your social media presence, we have introduced Facebook Search as one of the key sources in Brand Monitoring. Now you can see what people are talking in public on Facebook about things that matter to you.

Facebook commands the highest number of users as a social networking site and second highest usage as most visited sites globally. With such high number of users, it was imperative that the conversations should be tracked to get the complete view about a particular brand or subject.

With the addition of Facebook Searches, Simplify360 gets more comprehensive. Facebook search applies the same way as Twitter, Blogs, Videos and News. You can drill down the reports to get into finer details such as trends, sources and languages etc. You can filter the messages by sentiment, location and timezone etc.

In case you come across any bug or think we need to enhance a feature, please send us a mail and we promise to respond to you at the earliest.


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    • Thank you Randle.

  • Well written post, well researched and also useful for me in the future.

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