Facebook says goodbye to clutter

Facebook says goodbye to clutter

Facebook has redesigned its newsfeed for giving its users a more convenient and clean experience.
With this, Facebook has taken a big leap in the content marketing avenue where the focus is all on how to give users speedy and clean access to the content they want to see.

The new design is much more visually enticing and full of vibrant colors. Facebook is of the view that people will not notice any new change in the design but instead they will get even more involved in using their newsfeed.
Also, from now users will be able to see the same clean look wherever they use Facebook – PC, Mobile or tablet.
Features the new newsfeed will bring to the table;

    • Brands now have a chance to present their content for better engagement to their fans, and that too in a visually rich manner.


    • With the new “following” feature people will now be able to view content shared by their friends and pages they have liked in a much more better way, the content will be shown in the chronological order


    • Cover page for Facebook pages has become even more important. Now, in the organic and paid ‘Like’ stories, the cover page of the brand’s Facebook page will be shown, hence the cover page must be very visually enticing and must reflect the context of the brand page.

Read more about the features of newsfeed on Facebook.

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