Facebook Marketing strategy for Business

Facebook Marketing strategy for Business

The population of 700+million user base can certainly be overwhelming to any business, but a well understanding of platform is necessary before any business jump into the band wagon. Certainly Facebook is the most popular social networking sites with high level of engagement and interactivity involved, there are applications, videos, photo tagging and much more.

Here are some of the key points for doing Facebook marketing which can help you build your strategy.

1. Understanding your target audience

First of all it is very important to understand if your target audience is active in Facebook or not. Recently, Facebook has seen lots of dropout from certain regions and certain age-group. Therefore a well research into the presence of active users in Facebook is very critical. For this purpose, you can look up into statistical sites such as socialbaker to figure out your competitors in the space and their fan base.

Visiting other business pages related to your business can give a better picture of your target audience’s activity on Facebook.

2. Creating an Open Business Page

Once you are sure of the existence of the opportunity in Facebook, it is essential to create a business/brand Facebook page. It can be created independently or through association with your profile.

Business page has many attributes which needs to be exploited by marketers. Some of them are as below:

  1. Facebook page can be tracked by Google Search engine similar to Facebook profiles. Therefore, filling up essential details on the Facebook profile description is important for getting better visibility.
  2. Facebook page can contain photos in form of albums and videos which can be embedded. Photos are highly consumed content in Facebook, hence adding as many photos with good labels and redirection to relevant link is important. In addition to this, videos uploaded in Facebook, always carries the link to the source page. Hence if the content goes viral, the chances of increasing your fan base are high.
  3. Facebook Page contains many social plug-ins that can be included in websites. Facebook’s social plug-ins such as discussion widget, fan box, like button, recommendation box is many such ways in which you can integrate your website to Facebook. This improves the viral aspect of your site and increases visibility.
  4. Using Facebook status updates, link sharing and asking poll queries are some of the essential part of engagement in Facebook pages.
  5. Making an updating schedule because it’s essential to make timely update on Facebook page.

3. Importance of Landing Page

Landing pages or different tabs are good ways to communicate through creativity. Every Facebook page allows users to add different tabs on the left hand side. Each tab is nothing but a simple html page hosted anywhere in the server. You can simply create some basic html page and connect it to Facebook business page through Facebook app platform.
By creating an engaging and better landing page, pages can improve their conversion ratio from visitors to fans.

4. Running Promotional Campaigns/Contest

The terms and conditions of Facebook Promotional Guidelines are strict, hence any form of campaigns that tries to game the Facebook system will be penalised by Facebook. There have been cases of many top brands’ page brought down due to this issues.

But running contests like quiz, Q&A are most popular type of campaign strategy. Each contest will require different landing page. Each contest needs to be designed so that the chances of being shared among other networks are high.

5. Use of Facebook Ad Platforms

Based on the target audience, Facebook Ad platforms is an essential way to gain initial traction in acquiring user base. Based on the targeted audience, the pricing for each fan acquisition varies.

One way to gain insights into your competitors’ Facebook Ad strategies is by utilizing the Ads Library which can help you identify the ad creatives, messaging, and targeting strategies used by your competitors, and doing so you which can improve your own Facebook Ad campaigns.

6. Use of Viral Videos and Application

Viral content are essential part of not only Facebook but entire social media. Viral content doesn’t always mean million views, but instead is an idea which can be implemented in each of your content. Contents shared on Facebook page needs to be attractive and inciting enough to be shared with people. The content needs to have higher interesting factor than that of normal content.

Engagement Strategy

Beside all the strategy and activities, every Facebook marketers needs to continuously work on the scalability factor of the Facebook community. A bigger picture of the Facebook strategy needs to be planned and worked around, this will involve understanding from the branding perspective and long term lead generation perspective.