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 Facebook Home – Making Smartphones More Social

Facebook Home – Making Smartphones More Social

Facebook Home, a family of applications that bring social-networking main features such as the News Feed and Facebook Messenger!
The ideology behind “Facebook Home” is to create a smart phone around people not around apps, which most smart phone manufacturers are doing at the moment.
The “Facebook Home” is primarily meant for Android Devices and it is going to be launched along with HTC First smart phone on April 12th.


The “Facebook Home” app will replace a Smartphone’s lock screen with a slide show of news feed updates and will smartly place Facebook apps shortcuts for posting status, sharing photos on the home screen itself.
Facebook Home comes with a very fresh and innovative feature called “Chat Heads”. Chat Heads will enable the user to chat with their friends even when they are on some other screen.
“Facebook Home” is like a visually enticing product from Facebook, which would make it more difficult for its user to go away from it.
Speculations are there that “Home” app doesn’t really connect with the users, opposite to what Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said at the time of press conference.
Rest we have to wait till 12th April, when it comes into the market.
Image Courtesy: Mashable

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