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 Facebook Campaigns that worked

Facebook Campaigns that worked

With 700+ millions user base, Facebook is always teaming with interesting campaigns and cause. But out of hundreds of campaigns only few see the light of success. Successful Facebook campaigns are usually unique and creative.

Below are some of the most interesting and successful Facebook campaigns that have utilized the essence of Facebook’s functionality and features.

Yellow Retail

Yellow Retail an Israel based retail shop needed to promote its brand in Facebook through creative approach. McCann Erickson Advertising in Israel created a wonderful creative application which tracked the status update of your friend list and searched for sad sentiments. Once the sad friends were identifies, the application would send a free game coupon at Yellow Retail. The campaign was an instant success.

Ikea – Showroom

Ikea is another brand which has received critical success in Facebook campaign. There method of creating brand awareness dependent heavily on the feature of Facebook’s photo tagging.

Currently, any promotional activities are not supposed to violate the terms and conditions of Facebook which has strict rules over exploiting Facebook features.
But Ikea’s campaign is just one of those that demonstrate the out of box thinking. Ikea wanted to promote their new store; hence they simply encouraged people to tag themselves in any furniture photo uploaded in IKEA’s Facebook page. This created a huge buzz among the community and was an instant success.

Burger King

Burger King ran a very risk based campaign which went straight against the Facebook’s terms and conditions. But they managed to gain lot of fan base through the campaign.

The campaign “Whopper Sacrifice” encouraged people to delete ten of their Facebook friends in order to receive free whopper. The campaign went viral immediately, which resulted into more than 50,000 friends deleted from the network.

Now this campaign is a very interesting case study for social media marketers because it represents the risk based on thinking out of box. But this also shows how different kinds of campaign can go viral, and how people can react to different ideas.

H & M Fan Page

H&M is a larger Swedish clothing company which has a huge Facebook fan base of around 8 Million. This is one case study where the strategy was very simple, keep sharing interesting content and engage heavily with the Facebook audience.
Being a consumer brand, it is very easy to gain high traction from Facebook users but it is very difficult to keep them engaged in the Facebook page. But H&M seems to have got it right as they have been using everything that is possible through Facebook page like: holding offline events, sharing photos, commenting on fans status, sharing fresh deals and discount.

But the entire Facebook fan base cannot be only contributed to virility. It is well understood that huge advertising budget are needed to promote the brand in Facebook platform.

National Geographic

National Geographic is a highly regarded brand but it just shows that even for a most popular brands fan acquisition is not that simple in Facebook. As a result, National Geographic ran a campaign in their Facebook page “Remembering 9/11” which encouraged people o recall the event and tell their story.

An interactive application was designed to enter user’s location on that day that was pinned into an interactive map along with other people’s location. This campaign generated many personal stories and strong emotions and comments. The campaign was able to increase the fan base from 551,000 to 587,000 in a few days.

All the above five examples of successful Facebook campaigns, shows strong mix of ideas and execution. This proves that out of box and creative thinking, coupled with strong promotion is the right way to move ahead in Facebook campaigns.

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