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 Facebook For Business

Facebook For Business

Social media marketing has been a buzz word for quite some time now. Amongst all the available networking sites, Facebook has been the most popular with over 1 billion active users from around the world who comment, like and share their experiences and
information about products and services that they liked and those they don’t like.
It’s an evolving field and even though businesses today have recognized it as a great opportunity to interact with their customers, they have not been able to dive into actionand benefit out of it completely. There are no set rules on how to successfully establish and implement a plan yet. However, there are many organizations that have tried and been successful; there are also those organizations that have burnt their fingers during this process.
Businesses today are still exploring it as an opportunity. But they have realized that social networking sites are the easiest, most cost efficient and powerful tools for identifying, connecting and engaging with their target customers from across the world.
Facebook allows you to engage with people from across the globe using innovative apps and content that generates word-of-mouth and a viral effect allowing you to reach and engage more people and drive more business.
So, if your business is not yet social, then you have a reason to worry!
Let’s check your Business’ Facebook Quotient!

  •  Do you have a Facebook Page for your business?
  • Do you have your customers talking on this page?
  • Do you have a large number of likes?
  • Do you listen to the feedback given by your customers?

If the answer to most of the questions is a NO then your Facebook Quotient is very poor and you need to worry. But if you have at least a few YES as your answer then it means that by this time, you have either tried setting up a page or seen your competitors use it.
And if you are still wondering how you can maximize Facebook’s potential to build brand loyalty and take customer relationship to the next level, we request you to check out our book on the  15 Best Practices on Facebook

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