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 Facebook Analytics Dashboard: What you should look for?

Facebook Analytics Dashboard: What you should look for?

Facebook Fan Page has become a very important online platform for businesses to communicate with online customers. Everyday, brands are engaging with their customers, possible customers and fans through social networking sites like Facebook.

Facebook Advertisement and Engagement have become the core of social media marketing strategy. Running Contests and Campaigns are some of the key activities surrounding the social media campaigns. Therefore analytical platforms like Facebook Insights has become a key tool to measure the effectiveness of facebook campaigns or your overall social media insights.

But Facebook Insights in itself is not enough to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Beside measuring the usual likes and comments, its also important to track other key metrics like the list of top fans and their trends, comparative dashboard between your page and competitor’s page.

Therefore, Simplify360’s Facebook Page analytics provides more that what Facebook’s insights provide, along with powerful insights into the profiles.

1. Trend in Fan Base

User can see the trends in the growth and drop of fan base.

2. Top Weekly, Monthly and 3 Month Fans

Simplify360 has a unique algorithm to identify your top followers based on the level of interaction level. The dashboard shows the list of your top fans.

3. Map Overlay of your fans

Simplify360 also shows the distribution of facebook fans based on region. This way user can clearly identify the top country or region of their followers.

4. Demographics of your followers

In addition to the region, Simplify360’s facebook analytics also shows the sex and age distribution of the twitter followers. This is done using advance profile classifier algorithm to determine the age and sex.

5. Trend in your Facebook Activities and Responses

In addition to fans, simpliy360 also tracks the activity of the page and shows the numbers of comments, updates, Likes, discussions, video responses and photo views.

6. Measure of your active members

User can view the trend in the active number of users from the overall fan base. This shows the health and the activity level of your fan base.

7. Engagement and Influence Scoring

Simplify360 has its own algorithm to score the facebook pages’ Influence and Engagement. Both are based on the number of comments, updates, likes and level of engagement.

8. Analytical Comparison of more than 2 Facebook Pages

User can choose more than 2 Facebook Page to compare their statistics with. But user will not be able to compare to that if their competitors as the system requires authentication. Hence for now, user can only compare their own pages.