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 End to countrywise Facebook pages, Simplify360 launches Audience Targeting

End to countrywise Facebook pages, Simplify360 launches Audience Targeting

Today we announce some of the coolest features to help social media marketers enhance their social marketing. The new upgrade is focused on providing better control over publishing your content on social media.
If you are managing multiple Facebook pages across multiple regions, then it’s really difficult to control the publishing of your content. You would require intelligent system, which would allow you to choose from list of pages, control the target audience and be smart enough to understand the time zone. Well, the new upgrade allows you to do just that. The interface is designed to provide better flexibility to the marketers to plan their social content strategy.
The new features would benefits agencies and brands to manage all their social media marketing activities through one platform. Starting with publishing to benchmarking your performance, Simplify360 has all in one single solution. With the new upgrade, the marketers would not need to get on to multiple tools to get the job done. We believe that having such control would highly impact the performance and efficiency of marketers.

Facebook Audience Targeting

Some of the core new features are:
• Reach your target audience in Facebook through Audience Targeting Features.
• Publish to specific Facebook Albums hassle free.
• Identify the optimum time when the audiences are most engaging.
• Keep track of your engagement rate on different Social Platforms.
• And many more cool analytics.
If you are interested to learn more about the product, you can request for a live demo with Simplify360 team.

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