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 Ebola- one of the world’s most virulent diseases

Ebola- one of the world’s most virulent diseases

The Ebola virus outbreak was first recorded in the year 1976 in Yambukta, Congo which is situated near Ebola River. The virus is said to be so deadly that it has the potential to be used in a bio-warfare.
2014 Ebola outbreak has been the largest in the history of West Africa. Hundreds of people have lost their lives due to Ebola. It is said that the disease can spread through direct contact by blood or exchange of body fluids or by objects which have been contaminated with the virus.
The sad news is that currently there are no vaccines available for clinical use. WHO has tagged Ebola to be ‘one of the world’s most virulent diseases’ and 90% of humans who contacted the disease have died.
Our condolences to all the families whose dear ones are struggling with the disease or have lost their lives!
We tried to analyze the scenario and find out how people are talking about Ebola on social media and here is what we found.
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