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 Why E Commerce Companies Need ORM

Why E Commerce Companies Need ORM

Like it or not, people are talking about you online. They’re talking about your brand, your products, the industry and your competitors. Do you know what they are saying? If not, why not? Can you afford not to listen?
Managing your online reputation isn’t shameless promotion; it’s a means of defense and a best practice as well. If you don’t protect yourself, someone can easily post a comment, make a video, create a blog post, file a complaint, promote your competition, develop a hate site and more. Or even worse, an angry employee will leave the company with revenge on their mind.
People who care about their online reputation are the ones who are seeking employment, selling a product, looking for an investor or simply trying to score a date. Either way someone is going to turn to a search engine to learn more about you.
The effects of negative online reputation may be as subtle as a user clicking on a competitor’s search result instead of yours or as damaging as an industry-wide boycott of your products and/or services. Financial implications of having a company’s credibility called into question, there are potential legal ramifications that could dominate your time and cripple your financial sustainability, as well. This will often cement trusted news and legal results in the top search rankings so that even if a case is dismissed or resolved, you will be living with the consequences for years to come. Things like, determining who is responsible for the negative reputation, if you need to re-position or remove certain employees or dealing with potential losses in workforce, add further monetary, morale and growth consequences.
Speaking of the E-commerce giants of India, both Amazon and Flipkart respond to complaints/queries on Facebook, Twitter and they are quite active on these platforms.
Flipkart is the most followed Indian e-commerce brand on Twitter. Flipkart responds to customer queries, complaints and also interact with customers in a friendly way by responding to generic tweets and engaging in light banter. Flipkart answers to queries on Twitter.
Snapdeal is not very active when it comes to dealing with customer complaints. responds to all the complaints which are recorded via their toll free complaint numbers. They were recently involved in contests and the winners were awarded tickets for the IPL-2015 matches.
Paytm is very much active on twitter for their online plans, promotions and offers, they frequently conduct contests and reward the winner. is more responsive towards twitter complaints. They provide travel trips to followers. Yatra goes the extra mile and follows up on complaints and keeps in touch with users. Yatra is quick and active in responding to customer complaints.
Goibibo retweets positive fan messages on twitter. They post pictures of tourist destinations urging people to visit those places. They also respond to customer complaints. Goibibo reaches out to tourist. They retweet positive messages and also declare best reviewers on their website. Goibibo introduced a referral program and they retweet positive messages from fans.
Jabong mostly posts promotional messages. However, Myntra is better at posting media that promotes fashion in general. Jabong signs off on all responses to customer complaints, with the representative’s name. They mostly posts promotional messages on their Facebook page and respond to customer complaints. posts promotional stills from the upcoming Bollywood movies and bring necessary traffic to their site. They are very polite in responding to customer complaints and mostly, are apologetic. They also end their responses by thanking the customers for using their service. They host contests on Twitter, where followers can win tickets to plays, movies and other events.
Amazon India is also prompt in replying to customer complaints and queries. Amazon also adds the name of the customer service representative responding to the complaint, at the end of their messages. They hold more contests and quizzes. They too usually respond within the same hour as the complaint.
Myntra talks to their customers on Facebook Apart from responding to customer complaints and posting promotional offers, Myntra also designs poster for its Facebook posts. Precisely, they are more active on Facebook in comparison to Twitter.

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