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 Don't Be Data-Rich, but Insight-Poor : Measure Your Engagement

Don't Be Data-Rich, but Insight-Poor : Measure Your Engagement


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Everybody in this digital era is participating in social media activities. But the people who are measuring it and taking advantage of the metrics are very few. Brands that assess the engagement rates are the top ones in the market, who learn from their metrics and implement changes to their strategies based on these learnings.

Most marketers are either unaware of the importance of these metrics. Or they have the metrics, but don’t know how to comprehend what it is or do not understand their significance. There are very few marketers who understand the importance of metrics, and are also able to build strategies based on it. According to a report by Accenture, less than 57% of the companies do not take the advantage of the analysis and metrics.

In today’s world where consumers share most of their interests and ideas through social media networks, the amount of data that is available on the social channels is way too huge for marketers to procure, maintain and derive the right info. Similarly even consumers are overwhelmed by the large numbers of emails from advertisers showing up in their mail boxes and social media pages. They would prefer seeing brand messages which are relevant to their interests and behaviour. This calls for marketers to have niche and relevant marketing practices based on consumer behaviour. It could be really tough to acquire all the information they are checking on their various systems. However, it is not impossible with so many tools which help you access consumers’ cookies and then advertise based on their tracked interests and online behaviour. It drastically increases consumer engagement and also wins trust.

Though there are still marketers who haven’t experienced the advantages of the real-time data available, they are trying to understand the importance of having the information about consumers and their behavioural patterns. One of the most important hurdles that marketers are facing today is that, despite realizing the importance of real-time data, they hardly know how to effectively utilize it for their business.

Brands should also start calculating the investments spent on each marketing tactic to understand which are worth it and which are not. Marketers need to measure the return on engagement, participation, involvement, attention and trust. These metrics help you in evaluating the techniques that actually work in social media marketing.

Here are a few important metrics that marketers need to track down, in order to identify the high value marketing techniques:

  •  Measure the cross-channel social media interactions. Create a content calendar and track every post and tweet posted daily and focus on the day-to-day results.
  • Create your own metrics. Depending on you marketing goals, create a time-table for social media activities. Your goals can range from getting more shares, likes, tweets, retweets etc. Whatever the goal, ensure that have a track of every metric you want to measure.
  • Assay the behaviour of the visitors to the shared pages. If the engagement activities for visitors is good enough, you will have people land on the pages to which you have provided links. Try sharing a few pages and measure the results.
  • Check on the interactions per page. For every page on social media channels, there are a number of interactions happening. Check on them and measure it.

Finally, how people respond to your posts or tweets or any other activity on the networks is what matters the most. If you haven’t been tracking anything till now, start doing it today. Get ready!

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