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 Does Your Page Need a Facebook App really??!

Does Your Page Need a Facebook App really??!

Well, with several top brands using facebook apps to show off their products, engage with the customers and lots more, do you really need an app added to your business page? (If you are the type, ‘Do I need a Facebook page first??’, well, you still are in the 20th century, boss. Grow up!!!) If so, what kind of apps would do good to your page? I believe this article might put some clarity to the topic.
What the Giants have got…

It is in our blood to peep into our neighbor to see how good he is doing, before leaping into something what he is already into! Here, looking at the big boys might put some sense into you about the topic of under consideration.
Get Gaming Socially with Adidas and Puma!

Well, we already have report done on these two, but still, their facebook apps need special mention here. These guys have a social game, one for each of their pages, named Kick-ups with Maradona and Fast Fuels Danger, Danger Makes Legend respectively. But the significant strategy of Kickups with Maradona is that the game is carried on forward by inviting a friend unlike the other which is carried on with the gamers playing already. This is a little tweak that adidas forgot to include to punch some numbers on their fan page. Poor you!
Giving your fans a Lot – The Coke Way (Confusing them though)!

These cola selling guys have a load of application on their facebook page Expedition 206, Secret Formula, Smileizer and Lots others though. And that., is called over doing it folks! Generally, people get confused which on would do some quality work killing their time and entertaining them as well (Not to forget, I was not clear enough to pick the right one too!). There should be a clear distinction between what is requisite and what is more than what is needed (I mean overdoing it!).
Contest Apps and Fan Cloud Attraction – Very ‘Basic’ way!

The fan page of Basics has over 70,000 fans and who are pretty active also. They are continuously engaged through contest and Basics have made an app that is sort of a quiz and asks your details to get yourself enrolled in it. This is cool! Not only it added up considerable figures to the fan base, it also keeps them coming back for more!

Well, all the others…

These are a few apps which happened catch my attention while shifting through pages. Though there are quite familiar applications which are widely used like the Polls, Store Locator and stuff, those dint give the appealing look though (Cos it’s more of ‘mandatory’!). It’s your pick. Be clever. Pick the wise option!

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