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 Discussion on Big Data Analytics with Mr Cho, President of Vibenet

Discussion on Big Data Analytics with Mr Cho, President of Vibenet

About Vibenet: Vibenet has been founded by highly experienced professionals in both global and local business consulting in order to provide Social Media Management, Big Data Analysis and Digital Marketing solutions in Korea and across the Asia-Pacific region.

1. Good morning Mr Cho. How are you doing today? 

Fine & thanks

2. How do you see Digital Marketing space in Korea?

The Facebook and Twitter user population from Korea passed 7M and 6M respectively earlier this year. And it’s expected to reach close to 20M users overall this year without counting domestic SNS platform users. Considering the fact that Korea is one of global mobile power house, I expect the social network usage will spread rapidly for the next few years while leveraging transformational technologies such as Social and Location-based Mobile services. At the same time, I still get questions about the effectiveness of social and digital media marketing for enterprises. But growing number of enterprises are preparing digital marketing resources and already utilizing digital marketing management tools from global solution providers to create new insight about their customers.

3. How is Social Media Marketing market in Korea? 

It’s still in early-stage with very high growth potential. There are number of local Social Monitoring and Analytics solution vendors but Social Media Marketing has not been actively considered by enterprise.  However, the latest trends indicate that Social Media Marketing and Social CRM with Big Data Analysis are receiving CEO attention especially in Financial Services, Telco, Retail  and public industry in the next one or two years as Korean business growth slow-down and enterprises demand new business opportunity for profitable growth.

4. What made the Simplify360-VibeNet Partnership possible? What are your plans for Korean market? 

We started our business with a vision to provide global market leading solution with qualified professional services to our customers in Social Media Management and Digital Marketing. Korea has many global businesses and their businesses span across multiple industries demanding multi-language support as well.  With Simplify360, Vibenet will be able to support the global business needs as well as local requirements. We want to make sure that Simplify360 will be able to analyze Korean language as good as any local Social monitoring solutions while providing superior Big Data analysis platform and globally competitive features. Vibenet won’t be able to do all by ourselves.  We are working very closely with local partners in technology areas and marketing agencies to jointly develop business and provide the value-added services to our customers.

5. What can an Enterprise expect different from this partnership?

Vibenet will differentiate our solution and services with strategic partnership with global solution providers. Our advanced analytics services will not be limited to traditional social and marketing analytics but extend them to include global Big Data Intelligence. Our Social Media Management solution will not be limited to supporting monitoring and responding to customers but enable enterprises to generate leads and manage digital marketing campaign automations. We will provide not a solution but comprehensive Social Media management and Digital Marketing platform.

 6. Now a basic question – why Simplify360 and not its competitors?

Simplify360 provides very competitive solution features such as excellent dashboards and customer engagement and lead management capabilities. Above all, the entire Simplify360 solution platform is based on Big Data and an industry standard Java development foundation. Simplify360 also support multi-languages, across multi-geographies.

7. Thank you Mr Cho. Any last thoughts?

I am very excited about this opportunity to partner with Simplify360 and plan together for our growth. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Simplify360 so far and look forward to our success in Korea and across the Asia-Pacific region in future.

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