Digital Marketing in India 2013

Digital Marketing in India 2013

In this coming age of digital media, India has seen rise in the social media agencies and new trends in the adoption of the Internet for marketing. Businesses are increasingly spending money in online advertisements, and online marketing services.

Below are some of the facts and figures on digital marketing in India, which sheds light on where the trend is moving.


India takes the third position in the top ten countries with most Facebook users in 2013, with 61.7 million registered accounts, which are 400,000 less than last year’s figure. The density of Facebook users in India is among the lowest in the world though – only one out of twenty Indians has a Facebook account.

  • In India Facebook demographics, the largest age group is currently 18-24, followed by the users in the age of 25-34.
  • There are 75% male users and 25% female users in India, compared to 47% and 53% in Brazil and 59% and 41% in Indonesia .


  • There were 13 million twitter users as on before 1st Jan, 2012.
  • And 3 million new accounts users were created between 1st Jan, 2012 and 1st July 2012.
  • India is in the 6th place in terms of Twitter accounts.
  • There is not a single Indian city in the top 20 cities in terms of tweets.
  • India has a long way to go in order to file itself among the top 3 Twitter nations. Majority of the common people in India are still not accustomed with the usage of Twitter.


  • According to Jeff Weiner, as on 24th April 2012 LinkedIn’s Chief Executive, LinkedIn’s Indian user base has grown 300% in the three years it has had a marketing presence in India.
  •  The firm, today, has about 14 million users from India, which has quickly become its second-largest market globally, bigger than China, and only behind the United States.

These 14 million Indian users join another 135 million-odd who are tapping into some 2 million companies and many more individuals to seek out jobs (or be sought out for one), organize conferences and network with a broad spectrum of people.
As per recent statistics

Total LinkedIn Users: 20,119,282
Penetration of population: 1.72%
Position in the list: 2

Penetration of online population:       21.91%


There are 12.3 million Google+ registered users in India – which is almost similar to LinkedIn user base in India. Although keep in mind that a lot of these have been acquired using celebrity endorsements and are hardly active on the social network.

  • Google+ is highly skewed towards the male population, i.e. there are 85.84% male users and 14.16% female users. Google needs to really get more women to adopt their new social network.
  • As far as cities are concerned, Delhi is more on Google+, followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Digital Media Overview

Social media and email marketing gained top positions in the digital spends plan of marketers. About 65% of the respondents claimed that there would be an increase in their social media spends in the year 2013.  Email marketing stood next with 57%. Here is a break-up for your reference.
Digital Media Spent in India

 Money spent on Digital Media:

  • The online advertising market in India is projected to reach Rs 2,938 crore by March 2014, according to the findings of Digital Advertising in India report, by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International.
  • The online advertising market in India, comprising search, display, mobile, social media, email and video advertising, which was valued at Rs 1,750 crore in March, 2012 has grown by 29% over the previous year to reach Rs 2,260 crore by March, 2013.
  • As in 2012, search and display advertising continued to form a large portion of the overall pie in FY 2012-2013. However, their percentage share has declined somewhat owing to the rise in the mobile, social media and video advertising.
  • Even though traditional media like television and newspapers still remain the preferred media for seeking information and entertainment and hog more than 80% of the advertising market in India, the Internet has been steadily increasing its share of the advertising pie.
  •  Spends on digital media have steadily increased from just over 1% of total Indian advertising spend in the year 2005 to nearly 7% in 2012.
  • The report finds that by March 2013, search advertising constituted about 38% of the total online advertising spend, translating to about Rs 850 crore while display advertising forms a sizeable 29% (Rs 662 crore).
  • Advertisements on mobile phones and tablets have grown from a 7% share in FY 2011-2012 to 10% of the Indian online ad market in FY 2012-2013, totaling to spends of around Rs 230 crore.
  • Social media, email and video advertising constitute 13% (Rs 300 crore), 3% (Rs 68 crore) and 7% (Rs150 crore) of the online advertising market, respectively.
  • The BFSI, travel and automobile sectors continue to be the top 3 spenders in online advertising. Increased spending by e-commerce players has been one of the highlights of the online advertising industry in FY 2011-12. Their share of spends is estimated to decline in 2012-13.

Chart showing money spent on Digital Media in India:

 Digital Advertising in India - Statistics & Trends 2013

On Social Media Ads:

  • Total Spend of INR 175 Crore in FY2012
  • Total Spend of INR 300 Crore in FY2013

Below are some of the campaign goals of Social Media Ads:

  • Contextual Advertisements
  • Engagement with users through Company Fan pages
  • Facebook leads Social Media Revenue charts
  • LinkedIn Ads Most Effective

On Mobile Ads:

FY2011 Total Size – INR 90 Crore
FY2012 Total Size – INR 123 Crore
Main Types

  • WAP / Browser Based Ads (74%) of Total Mobile Ad Spend
  • In-App Advertisements (20%) of Total Mobile Ad Spend


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