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 Creating Facebook Content Strategy Using Facebook Analytics.

Creating Facebook Content Strategy Using Facebook Analytics.

Facebook is one of the best platforms to share content. But understanding on what works best for brand/business is important. Content plays a vital role in making a page successful.

For any business/ Brand it is necessary to analyze their data in order to get the most out of it. But with so much information available, you need to select the one which is suitable best to create a sound content strategy.

What should you analyze?

As mentioned above it is very important to analyze the right data to know what kind of content your fans like. Analyze your page activity

Comments and likes on the Page:

First thing to analyze on the page is to see whether your posts are getting enough comments and likes. Understand all about the updates on your page. Get graphical presentations of number of updates posted and number of comments and likes received. A graphical presentation will always help you to understand better. Analyzing comments and likes will give you an idea of content popularity.

Distribution trend of Page post by type

Study the content consumption to make better strategies. Distribution trend will help you in analyzing which content type is working best for the page. This will give you an overall idea of comments and likes each type of content is getting. Based on this you can decide on what type of content is liked by your fans.


Page Consumption Trend

Page consumption trend is the trend for the number of times people clicked on any of your content; this data will give the number of people who consumed your data actually. This helps you in an idea of what type of posts is consumed more by fans. Understand the overall clicks/ views on different post and know what works and what doesn’t.

Analyzing the right data is what counts. For creating a sound strategy you need to analyze regularly. A good content strategy leads to better engagement and better engagement leads to success.

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