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 Content Strategy for Facebook

Content Strategy for Facebook

Facebook is a social network, and to have more fans your page needs to have consistent social interaction. Consistently posting fresh content, will bring more visibility to the page while attracting more fans. Everything you post on Facebook should sound like your brand instead of an individual post.

There are few important elements which needs to be considered before creating a content strategy :

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Understanding when your audience is most engaged, and timing your content delivery around those windows.
  3. Understanding what your followers are interested in by looking at your click stream data and creating more content around those topics.
  4. Achieving a balance between informative and fun posts like photos, videos etc

Content shared should be of high quality and relevance. By staying regular with such content, will make users visit your page and interact. This will also help in building the trust amongst fans and let them stay longer on the page. The most important aspect which needs to be considered while creating content strategy for Facebook is: How Often should you post and what to post

How often should you post: posting with the right frequency is very important but your frequency should not lean towards spamming. Define your post frequency depending on the engagement level. We would suggest having 1 posts a day which can be increased if the response from fans is good. Daily posting is very important as it will keep fans waiting for what’s coming next on the page.

What to post?

Apart from posting about your own brand you should have post which would interest fans like breaking news related to your brand, useful tips etc.

If you are sourcing content from other sites then it should be from a trusted source. You should have news about your brand, Type of content collaterals can include:

Updates: simple text updates about your brand and related information is a vital part of content as it let the fans know more about the brand

Events: You can create events to give info about the events happening in near future. Fans can easily RSVP.

Quiz: Quiz or contest is a great way to make your fan page more engaging, and they also give incentive for potential fans to join. Contests that include giveaways can be excellent marketing tools if they’re done properly but keeping in mind the new promotional guidelines of Facebook.

Videos: videos are another great way of engaging fans. Develop an extremely engaging video as these get viral very soon. Any engaging and relevant video will definitely attract more fans

Campaigns: Running campaigns are an interactive way of engaging more fans and increasing your fan base. Campaigns can be of social cause or related to your own brand, the only thing that needs to be worked on is the creativity, because the more creative the campaign, the more engagement you can expect

Photos: Photos are the best way to generate engagement and arguably the most important type of content. Photos generally get more comments and likes. Events photos, product photos etc can get more traffic to your page

Now that we have a wide variety of content with us, here are few points which will help generate engagement:

  • Always try to end you update with question, to initiate comments.
  • Answer the comments to keep the conversation going on.
  • Reply to the fans questions every time.

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