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 Why Companies Need to Raise Their Social CRM Statuses

Why Companies Need to Raise Their Social CRM Statuses

Yes, u heard it right social CRM is the thing to watch out for not only by international companies but now also by the Indian companies. Though there is nothing new in social CRM as it has been long adopted by many industries, but Indian companies are taking baby steps towards this trend.
Services sector contributes close to 57% (Source: to the GDP of India, which clearly states the importance that it demands today. Also with the rapid increase of social media users in India, close to 118 million (Source: active users, social CRM cannot take the back seat anymore, companies need to adopt it as soon as possible to stay in the services sector. In this context it is a pain to see that many popular companies in India do not have official Twitter handles/Facebook pages, this describes the negligence social CRM is receiving right now in India.
Social CRM is an essential aspect when we talk about B2C industries such as e-commerce, airlines, telecom, banks, cab-services, tourism, television and consumer goods. Here are few benefits that social CRM provides to these industries:
• Quick and personalized reply to customer grievances
• Crisis and reputation management
• Relationship Management
• Engaging with customers for better visibility
• Sharing important events and company news with the customers
Now let us take a look at few of the Indian companies who are doing their social CRM the right way:
• Indigo Airlines: below is a snippet from one of its recent conversations with a customer – quick and precise reply by Indigo.
Airlines Industry requires prompt and accurate reply because even a single moment delay in managing customer concerns can cost the flight booked by the customer.
• ICICI Bank: below is a snippet from one of its recent conversations with a customer – prompt and clear solution provided.
Banking industry requires a very agile social CRM because people from all over the world might face problems with ATM, bank processes, loans and others.
• Tata Docomo: Although their approach is not very quick, they have entered into social CRM and are replying to customer grievances.
Let us now look at some of the companies which have changed their way to look at Social CRM
• Myntra – App Only Concept: Myntra has recently decided to shift base from a website version to a complete mobile app one. This also means that the company needs to focus on their Social CRM practices, to engage with their customers and provide better customer service. Considering the fact that a huge chunk of social media users do so from a mobile device, Myntra’s strengthened CRM policies can help tap that market with ease.
• Ola Cabs – Ola has revolutionized the way people travel within a city/town at any point of time by empowering them with Ola app which again in on a mobile platform. Ola however has recently started being active on Twitter and answer to customer queries and complaints on a constant basis.
• Offline Online Campaign – McDonald’s India started this innovative campaign with #KuchPalOffline by asking the people to log out of their gadgets and spend time offline with friends which received more than 8,000 views on YouTube and more than 12,000 tweets in one month.

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