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 Common mistakes brands make in social media

Common mistakes brands make in social media

Mastering Social Media is pretty much a tough task, and when it comes to building your brand in the social web, it gets tougher. There are huge brands which fail in using social media channels to an optimum level. There are even marketers who commit serious crimes with these channels which almost break the brands. If you do not want to fall in such categories, do check out this post.

By Alex E. Proimos Source: wildhairmedia

Social media is just about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Are you serious? Do you really have a notion that social media is only about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Please wake up and check out the number of channels incepting every day. The number is huge maybe thousands. Social media channels you choose to communicate with your customers depends on your industry and most importantly, it depends on where your customers are and what channels they are using.
Not having a specific voice for your brand
If you check out any huge brands social media activity, you can observe that they have something in common – ‘voice’. Brands follow a brand and a theme that is most appealing to customers and follow the same thing. For instance, Fastrack, which is targeting youngsters, has a tag line, ‘Keep moving’. Middle aged and aged people cannot connect to it. Because, the brand is aiming at youngsters who can relate to the brand. The entire voice followed by the brand is unique. Even its recent campaign, ‘Making hell cool’ in relation to Doomsday too follows its original voice. It does not digress from it. Similarly, even your brand should have a unique voice and that with which your target audience can easily relate to.
Boring your social media connections
Social media is no way like traditional marketing, which is a one-way dialog, but two-way communication where prospects and customers can freely converse with brands. There are brands which just keep updating about their products or services and never talk anything about customers’ queries or feedback. If that is what you are doing, well you need to change. Check the channel to know what people are talking about and also target audience would like to get from your brand. Don’t deliver just what you have but what they require. Remember that to create engaging and interacting social media conversations, you first need to listen to your fans and friends.
You need to know:
·         Who your buyers are and what is their persona?
·         What are their demographics?
·         What motivates them?
·         What are the biggest concerns of these people?
·         How do they procure information about product or services?
Shouting doesn’t get you attention
Social networks are flooded with too many status updates and do any number of efforts, your status is going to get lost in the pool of updates. So posting the same thing again and again or putting your status in capital letters will not help you by any chance. The only way to get noticed is by posting relevant and high quality content. Avoid slang or jargons to target a wider range of audience.
­Update consistently
Social media is a platform where the trend changes in minutes and if you are not updating it regularly, you are definitely going lag behind. Make it a routine to update regularly and with quality content which your followers and fans can relate to. Have a proper schedule for your posts. And when there is a new trend that pops up in the market, make sure that you update relevant posts.
Measure your social media ROI
You aren’t participating in social media conversations or doing any other social media efforts just for the heck of it. If you want to know the results, you have to measure it and unless and until you measure the results and track them, you cannot update your social media strategies. So have tools incorporated to measure your results fast and quick.
Social media as interpreted isn’t an easy task. If you want to generate results using it, you ought to follow these steps. Enjoy the social network!

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