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 Can Social Media Increase Voter Turnout in Indian Elections 2014?

Can Social Media Increase Voter Turnout in Indian Elections 2014?

People who know how to tweet seldom vote and those who vote don’t how to tweet – But the direction of the wind is changing now, people are realizing their responsibility and now they are turning up in good numbers to vote for bringing the much needed change.
And, it won’t be wrong if we can give a major portion of the credit to this change to social media.
Social Media has acquired the status of “need” from “want” in the past few years and now political parties are banking on it for increasing their follower base and after witnessing AAP’s stunning win in recent Delhi Elections and correlating it with their digital efforts, one can definitely say that social media do influence people.
This year, Delhi broke the 61.75% turnout record it set in its very first assembly elections of 1993,with an amazing 66.5% in the recently conducted elections.These were the first elections whose pitch was prepared by the political parties, where they used their digital muscle. And, it won’t be wrong to say that social media did play a very important role in attracting urban voters who not only voiced their opinion on social media platforms but also went out to vote.
We truly believe that social media can impact voters’ turnout in the coming elections in May 2014 which will change the entire political landscape of India.
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