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 Premier League FB Campaign : Best of Advent Calendar- December 2014

Premier League FB Campaign : Best of Advent Calendar- December 2014

The Barclays Premier League is the world’s best marketed football league.
Everybody has heard of its teams, religiously idolize it’s star players and actively form fan clubs despite sharing no geographic lineage with England’s clubs. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool each boast of a fan base of millions putting most of Europe’s big clubs a gear behind.
One of the reasons for this marketing ingenuity is the active social media presence of the league and its clubs.
The pages are constantly updated, multi media interactive posts constantly shared and innovative campaigns introduced to periodically boost the Premier League’s international appeal.
One such campaign was set in motion in the month of December last year, where each date of the month was linked to a statistic involving the numerical value of the date.
The Barclays Premier League’s advent calendar had some nostalgic and ingeniously presented information through well edited video clips.
Here are some of those that particularly caught our attention :
1) December 8th – Marcus Bent’s clubs (8)
Advent Calendar -8
2) December 11th – Highest scoring match : Portsmouth 7- Reading 4
Advent Calendar -7
3) December 13th – Ryan Giggs’ Premier League medals (13)
Advent Calendar -6
4) December 16th  – James Vaughan and Matthew Briggs debuted at 16 years of age.
Advent Calendar -5
5) December 17th – Lampard’s record of scoring at least 5 goals in 17 consecutive seasons.
Advent Calendar -4
6) December 20th – Man United’s title winning squad strength (20)
Advent Calendar -3
7) December 22nd – Paul Scholes’ strikes from outside the box (22)
Advent Calendar -2
8) December 24th – The Final day of the campaign saw a tribute to the Premier League’s greatest goal scorers.
Advent Calendar-1

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