Best Viral Images of 2014 in Football: Social Media

2014 was yet another fantastic year for “The Beautiful Game” filled with the routine dose of drama, action, euphoria and despair. The Internet being it’s typical sarcastic and humorous self generated a healthy set of memes, satirical posts and images that would tickle many a funny bone. We’ve picked 5 of the best that equivocally represent the year that was.
1) Heartbreak
Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 World Cup semi final loss to the eventual winners Germany will remain as a black spot in an otherwise glorious international football history. With the ensuing turmoil and over reaction across the Internet, this image of a Brazil fan brought in some perspective.
The fan had been previously spotted since the 1994 World Cup, following his team till the World Cup eventually came home. Sadly, it was not be.

Emotion, personified.
Emotion, personified.

2) Irony
While Brazil 2014 was one of the best World Cups of all time in terms of action and drama, FIFA’s biggest asset also had its fair share of problems.
For starters, half the population were against the spending of massive amounts of money on a glittering football tournament while it’s population starved. This image, was extensively shared not only in football circles, but also in journalism ones.
Hunger strike ? Anyone ?
Hunger strike ? Anyone ?

3) Hope
Manchester United’s disastrous campaign under “The Chosen One” David Moyes meant that the 20 times champions needed to make a deafening statement to world football showing that they still mean business.
The signing of Angel Di Maria was that statement.
Manchester United fans all over the world shared this image extensively in retaliation to Real Madrid’s signing of their wonder boy, Cristiano Ronaldo, a transfer move that hurts them to this day.
The new Man United No.7
The new Man United No.7

4) Reassurance
Arsenal fans have lived through the trophy drought years which included the move to the Emirates Stadium along with their key players departing year after year. The emergence of the new crop of youth talent and the signing of Mesut Ozil served as some means of assurance that the financially crippling years were behind and Arsenal finally had the funds to compete with the Manchester United’s and Chelsea’s.
The multi million pound signing of Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez after shrugging off Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United and a host of others gave Arsenal fans the much needed sigh of relief that their club was moving in the right direction.
This image, is a satirical take on Wenger’s complicated passing philosophy and Sanchez’s no nonsense approach to hard working direct football. The share button was hit extensively, for this one.
Sanchez vs Wenger
5) Spitefulness
David Moyes’ Man United tenure didn’t go as planned and no one needs to be told that, it was pretty darn obvious.
The Internet however is a quite nonchalant when it comes to picking it’s next target for humor.
Moyes, the current Real Sociedad manager had the mighty FC Barcelona up next his fixture list and this is what the social media circle put up in tribute.
The Internet is unforgiving.
The Internet is unforgiving.

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