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 Ballon d'Or 2015 : Social Media reacts

Ballon d'Or 2015 : Social Media reacts

12th January 2105 : Cristiano Ronaldo retains the Ballon d’Or and becomes one of the elite professionals in the game to have won it 3 times.
While Messi fanboys lamented over their prized star falling short, the social media world reacted to everything else that transpired during the ceremony. As usual, they didn’t disappoint !
1) Sport Bible : Ronaldo Tribute 
The Sport Bible, a popular British page paid tribute to the now 3 time winner of the Ballon d’Or by posting a summary of his super human statistics that ensured he would retain his trophy.

Cristiano's 2014 was no ordinary 2014.
Cristiano’s 2014 was no ordinary 2014.

2) Carragher- Luiz outburst !
Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool defender has got himself quite a reputation as a football brain on the popular “Monday Night Football” television show alongside the former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.
His reaction to the inclusion of Paris St. Germain and Brazilian defender David Luiz in the FIFA World XI will earn him ever more plaudits, we hope.
Mincing no words here.
Mincing no words here.

3) Mesut Ozil tribute 
The current German international and Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil is no stranger to the phenomenon that is Cristiano Ronaldo. Having spent a few seasons with him at Real Madrid, Ozil was more than just a colleague of Ronaldo.
He took to his Facebook account to congratulate his mate.
Ballon d'Or 3
4) Advertising opportunity
The official Nike- Mercurial page took Ronaldo’s win at the Ballon d’Or as an opportunity to pitch forward their new product.
ballon d'Or 4
5) Cristiano’s Bangladeshi connections
Popular Bangladeshi page “Plaantik” dug out this great piece of trivia from Cristiano’s video at the Ballon d’Or, where one shot thanked his Bangladeshi fans in their native script.
Ballon d'Or 5
6) EA Sports- FIFA tribute
The most loved football game on the planet paid its unique tribute to Ronaldo via their Facebook page.
Ballon d'Or 6
7) Di Maria’s demons
We’ve saved No.7 for Man United’s No. 7 !
Manchester United’s only representative at the World XI Angel Di Maria was the butt of many jokes mostly concerning his lackluster team mates.  This one is positively hilarious.
Ballon d'Or 7

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