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 Are You Making The Catastrophic Content Marketing Mistake?

Are You Making The Catastrophic Content Marketing Mistake?

Content marketing has become one of the significant marketing tactics in the industry these days. Despite the numerous strategic resources and astonishing popularity in growth, content marketing is an aspect that many organizations continue to struggle with.  From ineffective promotional strategies to the messages that are too sales oriented, content marketing is rife with mistakes which can hamper the efficacy of even the best content.
What’s more, these catastrophic mistakes can push your potential clients away from the organization, irritate the audience or may create a bad impression of the company.

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Here are few content marketing mistakes which you may be making:
You are selling
Always remember, that, your audience encounters several sales messages every day. By using your content as another avenue, to present your sales pitch, you are surely making a big mistake. First focus on building a relationship with your customers and then focus on pitching about your products or services.
Your content is not providing the value
The first and foremost purpose of your content must be on providing the value to your audience. By providing valuable resources, information and tips is the easiest way for building relationship with your customers.
Your content is inconsistent
If you have succeeded in capturing the attention of your audience, do not stop in between. Keep on posting regular content to maintain consistency.
Do not offer bad quality content
When it comes to content, the importance should be given to quality over quantity. As there is loads of content flooding in the marketplace, its only the high quality content which is able to break through the noise in order to reach the customers.
You do not have a focus
You do not always have to focus on a single subject or topic, but your content must be capable  to convey the focus or overarching theme of your content. Lack in focus may make your content look unorganized and may turn off your audience. So this is a big mistake, if you are making it.
You are not promoting
You may not realize this, but your best content may be going unnoticed. The reason is that you have no promotional strategy for it. Content needs heavy promotion through relevant media outlets and major social channels in your industry.
You might be posting too much
Consistent posting is the only tool that you need for maintaining and engaging your audience, but on the other hand flooding the audience with too much of content can overwhelm them, not to mention, it will also dilute the value of your content on the whole.
Keyword Stuffing
Most of the people know and realize the fact that content marketing is all about effective SEO, but you must not underestimate your savvy consumers. They will come to know, if you are only writing content that is keyword centric. SEO is important and you must be optimize your website, but never ever try to game the system. This will result badly for your site.

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