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 A New Face In Social Media

A New Face In Social Media

Here is a new addition in the social media family: PINTEREST.

This pin board-styled social photo sharing website is becoming the latest talk in social media.  According to comScore, Pinterest’s traffic rose by 52 percent between January and February, from 11.7 million unique visitors in January to 17.8 million in February.

Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers in February than Twitter, according to third-party measurement data. That’s an impressive figure, given that the two-year-old site has an estimated 11.7 million active registered users compared to Twitter’s more than 100 million.


In February, the company found that a little less than half (48.81%) of all traffic came from Google, followed by Facebook (6.38%), Yahoo (1.61%), StumbleUpon (1.29%) and Bing (1.21%). Pinterest came in sixth at 1.05%, beating out Twitter at 0.82%.


This stylish new platform is gaining popularity among users; Businesses too can leverage this channel for reaching out to its audience. But like any other social media platform you need to be cautious of what you are pinning.

 How to pin on Pinterest?

As we all know photos have always been the most engaging part of social media and this platform helps you engage your audience through photos/videos. Pinterest allows you to create a virtual bulletin board where users can pin images/videos. You can create all new boards for different interests.

User can share pins with their friends, who can also repin it on their board if they like it. As this is all about sharing images, you need to really be creative with your pictures.

Can everyone leverage Pinterest?

For Leveraging Pinterest you need to have a good visual communication base. Photos, being the major source of communication on this platform, need to be very appealing. FMC, Fashion, automobile and personal care brands can leverage pinterest to its maximum.

Exploring this new social media platform would definitely be fun. Let the images speak for themselves.

Brands using Pinterest


Fashion brand Guess is doing all good on Pinterest. Their recent campaign “Color Me Inspired” was one of the interesting campaigns on Pinterest.  Fans were asked to create boards based on four spring colors: “Noir Teal,” “Hot House Orange,” “Red Hot Overdue” and “New Plum Light.” Participants were told to title their boards “Guess My Color Inspiration” and pin at least five images.

Kotex Campaign

Kotex ran a campaign in Israel. In which they selected 50 women who posted pictures of things which inspire them. Brand then created a virtual gift and if the women pinned the gift, she got the real one mailed to her. The campaign created a buzz. Almost 100% women posted about their gifts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and not forget they pinned it on Pinterest.

Volkswagen USA

Volkswagen USA is using Pinterest to create buzz about their products through images. They have total 9 boards.