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 9 Ways To Market Better On Vine

9 Ways To Market Better On Vine

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You know what’s criminal? The fact that Vine remains a criminally overlooked venue for marketers in India.This 6 second App has wreaked havoc across the world but still remains an unknown entity in the subcontinent.  In India, Facebook rules the roost with little to no attention given to other platforms including Twitter.
But the world’s moved on
What Vine does so well is that it gives brands an innovative, yet ridiculously powerful way to take advantage of the fact “ video works wonders on Social Platforms.
There are several reasons why you should be using Vine. Here are a few:
The learning curve on Vine is as long as the timeframe it allows you to record a video; 6 seconds. Hold your finger on the screen to record, take it off to pause. It’s that simple. If you’re good with Stop-Motion, the playground gets even bigger.
For Example:  Lowe’s released eight  simple Vine videos of cool home improvement tips and lifehacks. The short videos struck a perfect balance between brand promotion and consumer usefulness.
2. Easy to convey your message.
What Vine does is ensures that you make your point clearly in six seconds. So in those six seconds you need to ensure that your content is completely consumed and understood by your Target Audience.
Example: M&C Saatchi Sydney took to Vine for their Anti-Smoking Campaign to devastating effect.
3. Extempo Marketing at it’s best.
You may spend all day wracking your brain for the next great idea and it may come to you just when you’re about to go to bed.  The fact that you can put a video together quickly and share it not just on the channel itself, but on Twitter, Facebook, and even on your own blog! It allows you to think and execute whilst you’re on your feet, expanding your creative thought process like never before.
For Example: Honda’s Vine Campaign Strategy is quite simple and can be filmed in about 10 minutes, yet have an impact that lasts days.
4. It’s Free.
As long as you have a smartphone, Vine is never too far away. Six Seconds is all you need. It’s simple, real-time videography, in the palm of your hand.
5. It keeps you entertained.
There are no two ways about it. The most popular Vines are the ones that are the most entertaining.  comedy routines to sports highlights, reality shows to pop culture news, puppetry to live action shorts are a massive hit on this platform.
Example:  Huw Samuel’s collaboration with Tom Jones had everyone rolling in the aisles.
6. Keeps your viewer engaged.
Commenting, Revining, Sharing The whole idea is to ensure thatyour viewers have something more to do than just watch a video for six seconds and get out of there. AirBnb even sent a film to Sundance which was entirely composed of user generated Vines.
8. It challenges you creatively.
Because you have such a short time on Vine to get your message across, Vine pushes your creative limits to the max. Subtlety and simplicity plays well, but some of the most successful videos on Vine are ones that are thought out and planned in advance, choreographed, scripted, and cast just like the movies. Go on, unleash your inner Kurosawa.
Example: Samsung Mobile
9. Measure your success.
Vine is extremely measurable. You can keep track of how many times people have liked your Vines as well as get a count of how many times each of them has looped. Coupling these two with Revines and Comments, you’re able to gauge the success of your campaign fairly easily.
That’s it. Follow these simple yet effective tips to market more effectively on Vine. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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