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 9 Best Blogs to Follow on Social Media & Content Marketing

9 Best Blogs to Follow on Social Media & Content Marketing

When you have the zeal to learn something , internet is the best resource. Internet is filled with really smart people who share the information for free. In my last blog I have listed down some of the problems which marketers face in social media monitoring
Today I bring you 9 must follow blogs on social media & content marketing.
1. Mashable
Facebook: Likes- 2.5M, PTA- 326K
Twitter:Followers- 4.06M
Mashable is a valuable informational hub, if you want to what’s new and buzzing in social media sites. It’s vast and entertaining to read but even more importantly, it can help you come up with some creative marketing ideas.
While its primary focus is trending news stories (most of them are social media related), Mashable also offers insight and breaking news on the latest trends, and is a great source for content and discussion ideas for the Facebook or Google+ page.
2. Occam’s Razor By Avinash Kaushik
occam razor
 Facebook: Likes- 20K, PTA- 326K
Twitter: Followers- 136K
Co-Founder of Market Motive and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, Author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: “An Hour a Day”. Avinash Kaushik lists the revolutionary ideas for the companies and is useful resource for improving their digital strategies.
3. Brafton Marketing Blog
Facebook: Likes- 1K, PTA- 45
Twitter: Followers- 5K
Brafton is a content marketing agency that delivers the results related to the industry. It provides the real-world results through digital media. But in their blog content you will get to know about the employees, how to improve the social media marketing, and some valuable insights to improve your online marketing strategies.
4. Marketing Pilgrim
Facebook: Likes- 4K, PTA- 8
Twitter: Followers- 9K
Marketing Pilgrim features the latest news and trends in Internet and social media marketing, with daily blog posts written by a team of marketing experts and analysts. In addition to breaking news stories and reviews of products and online services, you’ll also find tips, infographics and helpful insider information on all aspects of social marketing.
5. Social Media Examiner
Facebook: Likes- 264K, PTA- 5K
Twitter: Followers- 164K
Social Media Examiner is a user-friendly site which offers valuable tips for leveraging your opportunities on Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Whether you’re using Facebook for contests, Twitter for quick ads, or message forums to provide links to sites, you’ll find ways to enhance your marketing strategies. Social Media Examiner offers everything on how to deal with website emergencies (such as security issues) to how to set realistic goals for your marketing campaign.
6. Social Media Today
Facebook: Likes- 277K, PTA- 3K
Twitter: Followers- 331K
Social Media Today is an independent, online community for professionals in PR, marketing, advertising, or any other discipline where you will get all the information related to Social media. You will get insights and lively debate about the tools, platforms, companies and personalities that are revolutionizing the way the information is consumed.
7. Who’s Blogging What
Facebook: Likes- 2K, PTA- 3
Twitter: Followers- 2K
Who’s Blogging What collects the most informational, imaginative and interesting social marketing posts on the web, and makes them available in one central site and offer email newsletters as well. It’s a sort of one-stop-shop where you can find all the best strategic posts from thousands of sources. It’s a great resource for picking up ideas and strategies.
8. Content Marketing Institute
content marketing
Facebook: Likes- 38K, PTA- 1K
Twitter: Followers- 76.9K
Content Marketing Institute sounds like an educational institute for higher studies, but in fact it’s an invaluable collection of white papers, how-to tutorials and blog posts on successfully marketing your content, with much of the information focusing on social media sites. In addition, Content Marketing Institute offers free webinars and a year-round roster of virtual events which anyone can attend from your home or office.
9.  MarketingProfs
Facebook: Likes- 87K, PTA- 984
Twitter: Followers- 238K
Marketing Profs offers real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices, research and other content. Here you will information on B2B marketing event, podcasts, seminars and many articles on social media and marketing strategy.


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