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Servicing Customers Socially

8 Interesting Similarities between a Good Community Manager and a Good boyfriend.

A Community Manager’s job profile seems jazzy  to most people. Being a Community Manager myself, I know what it takes to be one; and what extra mile one has to push to build a community for a brand.

So, I am here again with a twisted aspect of Community Managers.

Not to be taken seriously, this is a funny take on how Community Managers and boyfriends can relate on the same level. 😛

Let’s take a took and do drop in your comments below: 🙂

1. Being Empathetic- Putting others’ demands much before yours.

Credits: world-warotter.com
Credits: world-warotter.com

With girlfriends: Understand what she means even when she doesn’t say it.

With fans: Understand what they mean even when they don’t express it.


2. Being Loving- Send them lots of hugs and kisses.

giphy (1)-2
Credits: giphy.com

With girlfriends: Being nice and loving to her no matter what mood you are in.

With fans: Being nice to them no matter how bad your day has been.


3. Spending quality time- Like you have no other life.

Credits: buzzfeed.com

With girlfriends: Be with her, take her shopping, dine with her at fancy places, buy her stuffs; pretty much everything you can think of. 😛

With fans: Respond to their queries, take them on a tour to your other channels, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, yea just spend pretty much all the time you have. 😀


4. Giving Space- required to keep them alive and digest their food. 😛

Credits: www.blogdotioben.com.br

With girlfriends: Turns out your girlfriend requires space to breathe too.(But if you give too much of space, you will be forgotten. 😛 )

With fans: Similarly, fans dont want to be flooded with only your posts on their news feeds.


5. Listening- Even to things you don’t really appreciate.

giphy (1)-5
Credits: giphy.com

With girlfriends: You need to listen to what she is saying, even if its her ‘awww stories about her besties’ which you might have no interest in.

With fans: Keeping ears open and listening to your fans all the time even when it is some irrelevant discussions going on.


6. Being Responsible: For your words and actions.

Credits: www.tumblr.com

With girlfriends: You are her Superman, you have to solve her problems and answer all her queries.

With fans: You are your brand’s voice you are answerable to all the queries and issues your fans have.


7. Being Aware:

Credits: imgur.com

With girlfriends: Having the eyes and ears to what’s going on in her life, her likes, her dislikes and if there is anyone/anything that’s bothering her.

With fans: Being aware of what’s happening around the world, checking trends, what’s in and what’s not and finding a link with your brand to be able to communicate.


8. Honesty & Integrity: keep them intact.

giphy (1)-8
Credits: giphy.com

With girlfriends: Being honest and appreciating her, telling her how beautiful she is. 🙂 This quality also keeps the trust factor intact.

With fans: Just the same way honesty and integrity keeps your fans trust on your brand.