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 6 types of posts people do on Valentine's Day!

6 types of posts people do on Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day has arrived and you’d be obviously seeing your Facebook Newsfeed/Twitter timeline buzzing with Valentine messages from your friends. The sentiment behind these posts would be varying from very intense to very sarcastic, and that is the most interesting part.

 After seeing many conversations I have zeroed on to six major post types;

Valentines Day

Submerged in Love
These people either post pictures with their valentine or a very heart melting love poem. Throughout the day, you can find them updating their locations, posting lovey-dovey messages.
Still hopefuls
These people are single, but they are still very optimistic about their next Valentine’s Day. Throughout the day, you can see them posting about the self-pampering tips and giving tips to their network for remaining calm when they see their friends going out for a date!
Witty Bones
These can be seen posting content which is ‘liked’ and ‘commented’ most number of times. They will never miss a chance to tease their friends by tagging them or posting funny picture/quotes on lovers.
As the name suggests, on this day, there is high possibility that you might not see any post from this group, as they prefer to stay alone. Or, if they post, they would be either based on the disgust for Valentine’s Day and their dislike for people buying expensive gifts for their beloved and in some special cases the posts would be on their ex.
Limelight Lovers
“Oh! he just gifted me a candle lit dinner and a ring’, thanks for making this day special”, although people are not so expressive on their social network about their love life, but exceptions are always there. If you have accounts on Facebook/Twitter, then you will definitely encounter some posts aforementioned above.
All their posts would revolve around, “Is social media hampering Valentines experience?” or We should not allow PDA’s in our culture.
I guess by now, you would have identified yourself and your friends amongst these categories.
So, what type are you?

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