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 6 Principles of a Great Content Creator

6 Principles of a Great Content Creator

The need for content had an exponential growth when compared to last year. So does the need for content creators. There are content creators everywhere, big, small, novice, experts, US style, Indian style, so on and so forth. Anyone who is looking forward to creating great content needs to follow these principles to climb up the career ladder.

Have no room for excuses:
The only job of a content creator is to create or rather write content. A writer looking at the writing just as a job and not a desire is going to tire out very fast. Creating excuses to skip writing can be of no use. Being a writer, if you haven’t written anything for a while, ‘It is not okay’. When writing stops, so does the urge to write and so the career. Brush out all the excuses and slate ways to practice more and write more.
Balance reading and writing:
Most content writers read a lot to understand other styles or get inspired or for information. It is a fact that writers should read a lot to understand the writing tactics. However, over-doing it can lead nowhere. You will just end up reading lots of pages and super confusions and a bad headache. Time of writers is very precious. Based on the project, read articles related to the subject from reliable sources. Do not read everything that pops on Google search. Decide on few authentic sources and always get information from the same.
Prepare a schedule that works for you:
Either while handling a project or just to keep in touch with the skill, prepare a plan. No one knows more than oneself. Based on personal observations, interests and mood fluctuations, create a schedule and decide on the time to write without long breaks. Not every writer can wake up early in the morning and write long content. Everyone has their own timings for writing. Discover your writing timings and stick to it. Do not digress. Do not end up thinking there is no good time to write, you might end up giving up on the career.
Have a checklist:
To err is human. Writers are humans but creating content with errors that goes up on social media or web site that goes viral can prove fatal to the brand. Editors’ cosmetic changes might not do as well. So before the content goes live, check out all the important factors involved. Always read aloud what you wrote to check if it is making sense or if it has any loosely hanging words which can be removed. Create a checklist and hang it in a place you can see and check it out every time before content submission. The checklist depends on the type of content created and also the requirement.
Keep track of your advancements:
Everyone is bound to make advancements in what they are doing. There is always room for improvement. Monitor how your content is performing and jot down the advancements on a spread sheet, to maintain record. Based on these metrics, you could comprehend the areas of improvement.
Swear to be a professional:
Every single day, the job of a content writer is to create content and it has to get better every passing day. To keep the urge to writing, swear to yourself to be a professional. Read about successful writers and take inspiration from them. Find out ways to keep yourself charged up. Have creative hobbies that rejuvenate your brain. Another best way to keep yourself sharp is by writing about topics you are least familiar.
Let come anything, just keep writing and there will be time when you would not stop between paragraphs. Such times will prove to be of great inspiration. So keep writing and keep progressing…