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 5 ways to reach customers on mobile

5 ways to reach customers on mobile

Mobile phones are one of the greatest inventions of the human kind which has brought the a radical change in the way people communicate. Over the years, since the inception of smartphones, people started using mobile phones and other gadgets instead of sitting before the computer screens. According to most research reports, more than 4.6 billion people possess mobile phones. The usage of mobile phones especially using internet through mobile phones had created a major impact on marketers which made them come up with creative ways not to lose out on the prospects or customers. Marketers should look out for ways that grow business through mobile technology. Organizations of all sizes and revenues are embracing mobile marketing. Here are few ways that you can adapt and get connected with customers through mobile.

Make your website ready for mobile screens:
Traditional websites that were created long ago, look great on computer desktops and laptops. But when it comes to mobiles, they fall flat just like they are not ready at all for the mobiles. Just a few changes in the resolution and simple coding will do the magic. Once the website is mobile ready, you can tell your existing prospects and customers that it is ready so they check it and let you know what changes can be made.
Create apps specific to your brand:
Creating specific apps in-line with your brand would have a great impact on the target market. If you have optimum dollars pouring in your revenue, you can try out and create mobile applications that are specific to your brand. But make sure they are compatible with versions right now in the market and versions yet to come as mobile operating systems keep changing quite often.
Design user-friendly games:
With the rise of mobile phones, people have become all the more addicted to mobile phones to try out new games. Professionals who have tight schedules too take out time for playing mobile games. So designing and promoting these games can win you a wider customer base. You can also promote your games to your existing customers.
Make the shopping experience seamless:
Everyone out there hates to stand in queues to pay bills or shop in crowded malls. Similarly online eCommerce sites turn out to be real frustrating if they are not mobile friendly and compatible. People who use smart phones to browse are the people who are on the go and are short of time. So mobile shopping experience should be like a cake walk not on a rocky road.
Location, Location, Location:
Location is one key aspect that you can get access with the help of smart phones. And once you have this information, you can send customers information based on the location. Offers, discounts, etc. can be sent to the customer based on the stores in his/her vicinity.
If you want to stay abreast with the technologies, you ought to chalk out ways to stay connected with your customers all ways possible, and mobile is the top medium now. So do not miss out on it…

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