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 5 Top Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

5 Top Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

Most popular brands are going beyond digital marketing for advertising. They are banking on social media to reach a greater and a niche audience. There are many brands that run social media campaigns to go viral and create an impact on the bottom line. Be it great brands or budding brands, most of them are reckoning on social media advertising to reach prospects, win customers and also maintain great relationships with existing customers. Here are top 5 brilliant social media campaigns from which you can get a lot of insights.
1.     Starbucks: Starbucks is one great brand that cashes out of social media in a great way. Most of the relentless social media campaigns run by them are awesomely good and alluring. The coffee giant had been a smart participant on facebook and twitter. Starbucks through their brands had concentrated more on improving sales. So for this motto, they have created social media offers and discounts that wouldn’t fall flat. They also promoted ‘go green’ by stressing on the recycling of their coffee cups. Starbucks is a real-time live example that shows how twitter works to get results from niche audience.

2.     Nike: Nike is one of those brand names that win laurels and audience for any marketing tactic they adopt. The substantial marketing campaigns during London Olympics 2012 including print media, digital and social media, Nike stole the show at the event. When the rivals Nike and Adidas have competed, Nike got twice as many followers as Adidas got during the Olympics. A record breaking 16,000 tweets were tweeted on Twitter associated with the brand.

3.     Cadbury: Every day seems to be like a celebration when you look at the campaigns of Cadbury. Cadbury’s social media campaign about achieving one million fans have given a great has won more fans and followers all over the social media channels. Cadbury Dairy Milk had its focus not just on winning customers but to engaging them to a great extent and hitting on their emotional feelings. The brand’s various innovative creations with chocolate had left made many people drool. These tactics have been winning them great followers and fans on across all the social media channels.

4.     Old Spice: One of the oldest and best brands has shown its potential through some great social media campaigns that went crazily viral. They have used videos as their medium to go viral. Though the videos are not completely in-line with the videos, the brand could just pull it off with its creativity.

5.     Dumb ways to die: The video created by the public transport authority in Melbourne, Australia, was originally created to bring awareness about railway safety. Though we are not to gauge how well it could help people to know about safety, it definitely pulled off to go truly viral with more than 30 million people viewing it and sharing it.

There are many other brands like Google Chrome, film companies, car companies which have been focussing on social media to run ad campaigns. What you can learn from these brands is that even you can run amazing social media ad campaigns if you can create campaigns which are brand-appropriate, engaging and effective.
Image Credits: From the respective campaign sites.

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