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 5 things that every BIG brand must do in Social Media

5 things that every BIG brand must do in Social Media

Increasingly Big Brands are negotiating the path of social media as an important tool for their promotional activities. And rightly so, seeing the popularity and accessibility of social media.  Any tool or a medium in today’s world can equally function as asset or be otherwise if not handled with foresight, maturity and care. Bottom line is to make the business a memorable one. Some of the basic facts which one must keep in perspective while being visible on social media sites are:-

  • Decide upon your brand’s uniqueness: – According to Joellyn Sargent, principal of BrandSprout LLC, an appealing personal Brand requires six ingredients – Who you are, who you wish to be, how you visualize yourself, what you want people to see, what people apprehend( as in how they receive your messages), what they believe (what your messages reflect). Analyze how your brand stands apart from other similar ones.
  • Make a Foolproof Plan of Action: – When you talk about promoting your brand on social media, you should have a multi-dimensional approach. Identify what you are aiming at; set up short term and long term goals for your brand. Chalk out a strategy and highlight catchy phrases and lines for promoting your brand. This will attract attention of potential buyers towards your brand. Identify your strong point and flash it amply. Find out what is the best way you can promote your brand – i.e. blogs, websites, social media, networking, etc and work on it.
  • Be Consistent: – Irrespective of the medium being used to popularize your product/ business there has to be consistency to ensure that the customer is not led astray by different sales pitch and miss out on the real content, e.g. a sales rep must speak the same language as is being propagated on social media or other forums.
  • Focus on creating a customized experience: – It is a tough task to satisfy everyone at one time. A very crucial part of being a big brand is to prioritize your customer base. You have to make a tough decision of selecting your most loyal customers and targeting them. One can connect with ones customers in a better way if one is aware of who they are and what their requirements are.
  • Build that emotional connection with your customer: – Doing what you propagate and supporting it with facts is just half the battle won. It is very essential these days for brands to also emotionally connect with their customers. Find out how you make your customers feel. It will give your brand that edge which is needed to set it apart from other brands. It is good news for small brands as this does not require a lot of finance. For instance- Brands should invest money on boosting their operations such as improving customer experience or making their website more user- friendly so as their customer doesn’t find it taxing to approach them. It is no use to spend money onadvertising about your product or the deals you provide if you cannot be relied upon.

So if you get going with your brand promotions with sincerity and strategy, you are bound to go far and wide.

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