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 46% of Twitter users have less than 100 followers

46% of Twitter users have less than 100 followers

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Over 135K users signing up every day on Twitter and over 58 million average number of Tweets per day, Twitter has become an efficient social media platform bringing the world closer with its real time updates. With many celebrities actively tweeting and engaging on social media it will be a great opportunity for any user to follow their loved ones on Twitter. This opportunity has made many celebrities to grow in the strength of having many followers.
It is also observed that to acquire a strong strength of having many followers, one need not be a celebrity always. People does find different ways of getting identified on Twitter some commons have also made it big through its usage by creating a brand for themselves, while some opt different ways of getting followers. The latter way of getting more number of followers also seems to be very much prevalent on web. As can be seen around 407 M results found on Google on “How to get Twitter Followers” signifying the demand by the people searching for this term.


With people having many ways of getting followers, how interesting it would be to see how many Twitter users have more than 100 followers? And what other insights can be uncovered if we consider 100K Twitter users followers, following, Favorites and Status Count
Based on the analysis of 100K Twitter users globally, we have unveiled the fact that around 46% of Twitter users have less than 100 followers
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Insights on Status Count
2% of Twitter users have tweeted more than 100K Tweets. This takes us to the next question on does Status count of a user has any correlation with his/her Followers? A positive correlation of 0.03 was found between Number of Tweets a user made and the number of Followers one has. It signifies the fact that there is no correlation between the number of Tweets made by a user to the followers count.


Analysis on Favourites
52% of Twitter users have favorite less than 10 Tweets and 21% of Twitter users have count of favorites between 101 to 1000.

Trends in Twitter Favourites

Analysis on Followers to Following Ratio
35% of Twitter users have more followers than the number of users they are following.

Trend in Twitter Engagement

Methodology: More than 100K unique Twitter global profiles were analyzed for the research purpose. 

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