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 40 Social Media Marketing Facts you need to know

40 Social Media Marketing Facts you need to know

Social media marketing landscape has drastically changed over the years and if you are planning to leverage social media today, you need to be aware of certain social media marketing facts in order to derive optimal benefit from social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Here are some amazing facts pertaining to social media marketing which you need to know:

  1. Today, Twitter is maximum used platform for sharing the latest buzz in the industry.
  2. LinkedIn is a good platform to get listed in order to get discovered by your fellow professionals.
  3. YouTube is the newer version of TV.
  4. Pinterest is the latest “Cork Board”, use it to get your project inspirations and ideas organized.
  5. Blogs are the tools to flaunt your industry knowledge and help others learn from it.
  6. Facebook has outreached television in popularity.
  7. Facebook has about a billion users worldwide.
  8. There are 7 billion people across the globe out of which 4.5 billion use the web.
  9. Twitter is the quickest social media platform to set up.
  10. LinkedIn is highly used by professionals.
  11. For gaining more followers on twitter, always follow others by retweeting things which makes sense.
  12. Your tone of voice on social media websites can greatly affect the number of people who look forward to follow you.
  13. If you are planning to understand social media’s effectiveness before investing into it, read the book by Paul Slack – The Social Rules.
  14. Your social media marketing objectives must be in line with your existing marketing goals which must ultimately tie with your organization’s strategic goals.
  15. Use LinkedIn groups for more exposure and better networking.
  16. Twitter is the short and sweet platform to share important information.
  17. Twitter has gathered around half a billion users.
  18. Approximately 20 per cent of Facebook’s users hail from USA.
  19. The most popular activity on Facebook is uploading photographs.
  20. Do not dismiss social media marketing tool as a fad, it’s actually a revolution.
  21. Facebook dominates in active usage worldwide and about 50 percent of overall internet users are active users on Facebook.
  22. You must use your blog to feed your website.
  23. YouTube has surpassed yahoo and Bing to become second largest search engine after Google.
  24. Pinterest has the longest amount of user engagement time.
  25. Even if you start your social media marketing today, you are gaining huge competitive advantage over your counterparts who are still planning.
  26. With social media marketing, instead of following “wait and see ” rule, follow “try and see”.
  27. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing new social network with a growth rate of 88 percent.
  28. Retweeting is the most effective way to give a virtual “pat on the back” to the person.
  29. The usage of Facebook is highest in North America
  30. Everything happens at Google so never underestimate its significance.
  31. After Facebook, which dominates about 70 percent of total social platform account ownership, the next big thing is Google+ which is growing rapidly and currently possesses 50 per cent of account ownership
  32. Critically researched and properly used key-phrases or keywords are very important for higher SERP rank.
  33. A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the listing of web pages as the response to your keyword query by the search engine.
  34. Search engines highly acknowledge your social media site activity while ranking your pages.
  35. Pinterest is highly helpful for increasing SEO as it tracks the links back to their original post.
  36. LinkedIn can be used for self-serve ad campaigns.
  37. Use Twellow to find out or follow the thought leaders on Twitter.
  38. Blogging is the key for good social media strategy.
  39. Blogging helps you nurture relationships, build reputation and trust.
  40. Facebook pages are among highest use social media marketing strategies.

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