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 25 Most Retweeted Tweets on Narendra Modi in 2013

25 Most Retweeted Tweets on Narendra Modi in 2013

Narendra Modi, one of the most famous politicians in India, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and a representative of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been chosen as the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance  for the upcoming 2014 Indian general elections.
He is seen as a controversial, powerful and a strong figure both within India and abroad and is mostly known for his growth and developmental work in Gujarat. He is a very influential leader in his domain and very famous among the Indian youth. This has been possible because he has built a very strong profile not only offline but on online mediums as well. He maintains a strong presence on several social media channels and stays connected with the masses.
Here we have listed out the most retweeted tweets on Narendra Modi in 2013. This list shows Anupam Kher to be the biggest influencer of Narendra Modi on Twitter:
Anupam Kher_ biggest influencer of Narendra Modi
Anupam Kher_ biggest influencer of Narendra Modi1
Harsha Bhogle_ Narendra Modi
Newt Gingrich_ Narendra Modi
Vasundhara Raje_ Narendra Modi
Barry O'Farrell_Narendra Modi
Anupam Kher_Narendra Modi
Sucheta Dalal_Narendra Modi
Barkha Dutt_Narendra Modi
Rajdeep Sardesai_Narendra Modi
Chetan Bhagat_Narendra Modi
BBC_Narendra Modi
Joy_Narendra Modi
Pritish Nandi_Narendra Modi
Rajdeep Sardesai_Narendra Modi1
Chetan Bhagat2_Narendra Modi1
Barkha dutt 2_Narendra Modi
NDTV_Narendra Modi
CNN_Narendra Modi
Preity Zinta_Narendra Modi
Shashi Tharoor_Narendra Modi
Sardesai__Narendra Modi
The Economist__Narendra Modi
Breaking News__Narendra Modi
The Economist 2__Narendra Modi

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