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 2011- The Year of Social Media

2011- The Year of Social Media

Engagement, Connections and conversations was the buzz word last year and it was said that it will grow up still more this year. In 2010 Facebook witnessed more than 500 million active users, Twitter witnessed its 190 million users posting over 65 million tweets posted each day, and 20 billion video views each day on YouTube—, Social media has become an integral part of our connected lives. But this is just the beginning. 2011 has more in it.

It is time for the smart phones and Iphones to take over head on head with the laptops. According to statistics, the sale of Iphones and other smart phones have crossed the sales of laptops and desktop computers. It is also seen that the access of mails from the desktops is slightly on the decline and has made way for other mobile devices. And with many people affordable enough to own a mobile phone, social media is definitely on the go. With technology on the rise many applications are an instant hit for the Iphones, many service providers have already started building applications for video, greater bandwidth for the social media.

In the future the small and middle organisations will also start giving high importance to user comments and views over the internet and take these into considerations for building an effective social media strategy, but it does not literally mean taking advices from a teenager who has opened his new account on facebook recently.

The social media also is responsible for plummeting video costs and high access of videos recently. By the end of the year, there might be improvements in technology where people can tag themselves in the videos. It will also meliorate the way organisations engage themselves interactively with their customers by providing a common platform. According to many CEOs of start-ups in 2010, social media is definitely the key to build a power team in a quick time. If not for social media it will take years for them to build a power team.

From the organisation perspective social media has much more to give in return, with almost 30% of the world population having its presence online. Social media has a lot to offer to the world interms of business rather than just being a part of it by opening accounts in facebook and twitter. The technology on the other side has shown no signs of slowing down and to cope up with the same, social media platforms are yet to develop.

It is pretty much evident from the above facts that social media is just a beginning and is in a way to evolve very soon, who knows, the evolution may be seen by this year-end. I am pretty sure there will be movement towards group shopping and mobile payments. Boiling down on the fact that customers are online and they are using social media to communicate. And if you’re a business man, your business is sure to lose something in 2011. No one needs to master their strategy in social media at one go. But, 2011 has immense opportunities to do so and be successful in the market and outcast from your competitors

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